From Student, to Graduate, to Partner: Bryan University’s Ollie Brown Shares Best Practices in Fitness

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(Springfield, MO) Before enrolling at Bryan University, Ollie Brown searched for the proper answer to a question many enthusiasts ask, “how to become a personal trainer.” His journey found a path with the Exercise Specialist program at Bryan University. After completing coursework and an externship in an professional gym, Ollie began his career as a certified personal trainer. Since April of 2019, Ollie has built his career and has served clients of all body types, fitness goals, and barriers to health. In 2021 he joined the Bryan University Program Advisory Committee for The School of Health and Wellness.

As we turn the page on 2021 and enter 2022, Ollie offers us a series of fitness training tips that any beginning or intermediate exerciser should consider. The most common New Year’s resolution is getting healthy.

Check out our first series Exercise Strategies and Basics now and stay tuned to for more tips from Ollie. 2022 is the right time for you to clarify your goals with vision. 2022 is #20/20YOU!

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