OBPT Exercise Strategies and Basics – Consistency Pt. 2

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Welcome back to our OBPT Exercise Strategies and Basics series!

Whether you are a beginner or an elite athlete, consistency is the key.

Ollie Brown, Certified Personal Trainer and Bryan University Graduate, focuses on the importance of consistency. For part two, we take a deep dive into the value of healthy eating and the role it plays in maintaining consistency. Watch to learn more in our most recent video, Exercise Strategies and Basics – Consistency Pt. 2.

If you missed part one, watch it here at Exercise Strategies and Basics – Consistency Pt. 1.

If you missed our first video, go check out our blog From Student, to Graduate, to Partner: Bryan University’s Ollie Brown Shares Best Practices in Fitness now and stay tuned to bryanu.edu for more tips from Ollie. 2022 is the right time for you to clarify your goals with vision. 2022 is #20/20YOU!

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