Transferring Credits
to Bryan University

Get Credit for the Hard Work You’ve Already Done and Increase Your Earning Power

Don’t be held back any longer because you haven’t completed your degree. Let us review your college credits or military training and quickly see how finishing a technical degree can move your career forward.

Transferring Credits to Bryan University

At Bryan University, we are proud to support the educational goals of each and every student. That’s why we make the credit transfer process as easy as possible. Whether you are a student who has completed courses at another university or you are an American Veteran who has completed military education and training, Bryan University is here to help you transfer your credits and transition to a new chapter in your life and earn an online degree from our technical school.

If you have completed coursework and earned credits at another institute of higher learning, such as a college or university, you may be able to transfer some credits to Bryan University. This will help you jumpstart your education with online courses and get on track towards graduation.

Students entering Bryan University may earn credit transfer via various mechanisms. For more information on Bryan University’s credit transfer policies and how you can have your prior credits evaluated, click the “Learn More” button and our Office of Admission will connect with you.

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