"Since graduating, I have been able to pursue a career in a field that I have always been passionate about. The challenges and rewards have been exciting and fulfilling. I’ve met some amazing people and have been blessed to be part of their fitness journeys."

- Ollie Brown
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"I would give Bryan University a 5 star rating. I’ve had a great experience. The program is user friendly. There’s so much support, they are always willing to help with any questions. I believe they really care for you here and they want you to succeed."

- Lori Michelle

"I had a really great experience there while I was going. I graduated with my MA at first then with my Bachelor’s in Healthcare Management. I have really enjoyed the staff there, they were all really good at helping when you needed it and very encouraging too."

- Shannon Keithley

"I have received 2 degrees through this college. Maybe down the road it will be a third. They are all very nice and helpful. They all give support when it is needed. Love this college."

- Lilani Freeman

"I’ve been going to BU since August 2018! At first I got my PT Diploma now I’m finishing up my exercise specialist associates of applied science. The professors are knowledgeable, helpful and encouraging. This university cares about their students and always helpful when an issue comes up! I deploy for work and when I had a problem they were able to adjust and help me. Yes they are military/veteran friendly! Side note: when I went to my graduation for my PT diploma it was a really nice ceremony, the staff was nicer in person! Couldn’t ask for a better college! I would highly recommend to anyone!"


"I have a career I love, making good money, self-sufficient and I feel accomplished."

- Toni Gerhardt
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"Bryan University gave me the tools to be a driven individual with the skillset of a project oriented professional. Going through the program, I implemented a pathway of accomplishments to build confidence for myself."

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"This school is amazing. Everyone is friendly and down to earth and super helpful. Classes are small so you get a family oriented vibe and feeling while attending. If you’re interested in going back to school Bryan offers a great range of fields. Start today. Thank me tomorrow!!!!"


"Instructors are great and amazing to work with! "

- Haley Llewellyn

"AMAZING teachers and staff"

- April Hutson- Brayfield

"I absolutely loved going to school here! The staff was great, they really do work around everyday life. The possibilities are endless. I received an associates degree in business management. I recommend this school to everyone I talk to because it changed my life for the best. Thank you Bryan University!"

- Beverly Pendleton

"I love BU.. Beyond helpful and resourceful. I love the push that the staff and teachers give and the energy and the environment. I have learned A LOT in my time here, if I could I would do it all over again."

- Daykota Kinnie
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"It worked around my schedule perfectly, I could go to school year round and I could finish my degree faster. Because of the training I received at BU, I know now that I can reach my dream."

- Jennifer
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"I had a great experience. They helped me with any and all questions I had. And teachers were always available to ask questions."

- Debbie Austin

"Everyone I’ve dealt with is very personable and loves to teach."

- Barbie Ann