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Bryan University has been providing focused, relevant career training programs to students since 1982, and we’re just as passionate and committed to our students’ success now as we were back then. Bryan was founded on an unwavering desire to improve the lives of our students. That’s why it’s a part of our Mission Statement:

Our mission is to improve the lives of our students, our team and our employers. We accomplish our mission by providing quality education in an environment that enables our team to thrive and our students to realize their potential, creating a positive impact within our communities.

More than 30 years later, these things remain at the core of our goals and mission as a career training school. We strive to improve the lives of our students, whether they have a family, are in the military, or are just looking for a fresh start in life.

BU. BeYou.

At Bryan University, that’s our primary focus…you!

Our Mission Objectives are the focus of our commitment to our students:

  • To provide comprehensive programs and training opportunities that support identified workforce development needs in the communities we serve.
  • To create a challenging learning environment that assists students with reaching their educational and career goals in a variety of relevant disciplines.
  • To provide students with access to educational experiences using a variety of instructional delivery methods.
  • To provide career services to students and graduates.
  • To encourage lifelong learning and professional growth.
  • To support communities through volunteerism and charitable activities.

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Learn More
Bryan University

Celebrating Our Rich History, Striving for a Great Future

Bryan Travel College. That’s how it all started. At the founding in 1982, Bryan offered one campus-based, certificate-level program to prospective students wanting to enter the travel industry.

Today, Bryan University offers career path opportunities to those seeking a Diploma, an Associate’s, a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree. What a transformation. And we want our students to experience that same transformation through our training programs.

In addition to our degree programs, Bryan also offers over a dozen career training programs in a variety of occupational areas. We offer non-credit short-term training courses that are held on campus, online or hybrid – all for our students’ convenience. Our expansion efforts have been conducted with a singular focus on our commitment to student achievement, workforce development and life-long learning.

Military? No problem! Family? No problem!

At Bryan University, we specialize in offering career training programs to non-traditional students like people in the military, adult learners with families, or even a combination of both. At Bryan, we can accommodate you. Actually, we want to accommodate you!

At Bryan, we offer plenty of opportunities to apply for financial assistance through your military program. Whether you are in the military yourself, or are a spouse of someone who is, we have a place for you and opportunities for you right here at Bryan.

The Investment That Counts.

Bryan University provides coursework that is challenging, relevant, applicable and affordable. We value the time and energy our students invest into their career, and our trainers and staff work together to make that investment count. At Bryan, students receive individualized instruction from trainers, to ensure they are equipped to take charge of their future and thrive in their career.

“I would give Bryan University a 5 star rating. I’ve had a great experience. The program is user friendly. There’s so much support, they are always willing to help with any questions. I believe they really care for you here and they want you to succeed.”Lori Michelle

Career Connections

Yes, at Bryan University you’ll get the industry-relevant, hands-on career training that you need to go far in your career. But guess what else you’ll get? Career Connections.


At Bryan, once you’ve completed your program, our commitment to you continues. We help you and guide you into your career. Our career services department is there to assist in your job search not just as a recent graduate, but ongoing as an alumni.

That’s right.

Once you’ve received your training from Bryan, our career services department makes an ongoing commitment to assist you with what you need to advance in your career.

Whether you need help structuring you resume, writing your cover letter, practicing for an interview, or searching for job openings, Bryan career services is committed to helping you.

A School of Second Chances

At Bryan University, we believe that it’s not about where you start, but about where you finish. It’s never too late to make your future better and brighter than your yesterday. Bryan equips you with career training for your future career and gives you an educational experience that you can take with you for a lifetime.

At Bryan, it’s more than just career training. You get life skills and career connections that can advance you personally and professionally. We do it all for you because we want you to succeed!

  • Affordable education
  • Personalized training
  • Relevant coursework
  • Dedicated faculty
  • Numerous career connections

Be Inspired. Be Changed. Be Ready. -BU

Enough about us. We want to get to know YOU!

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