Bryan University Medical Assistant Associate Degree

What You’ll Learn Through Our Medical Assistant Associate Degree

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Considering a career in the medical field? A medical assistant associate degree from Bryan University gives you a gateway into the expanding field of allied health. Becoming a medical assistant can be rewarding, hands-on, and can advance your career. In today’s blog from Bryan University, we highlight what you’ll learn while pursuing this degree. Related Post: Your Career, Your Future: …

Bryan University Solar Energy Specialist Associate Degree

Working After Earning Your Solar-Sustainable Energy Specialist Associate in Applied Science Degree

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Solar energy is a fast-growing field. It offers a rewarding career with a wide range of jobs, including working in a manufacturing facility, sales, project management, and as an installer of solar panels. Solar technicians are responsible for assembling, installing, and maintaining solar panel systems on rooftops or other structures.  If you choose to become a solar energy technician, you …

Personal Trainer Certification Bryan University

Why You Need Leadership Skills With Your Personal Trainer Certification

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Do you love seeing other people reach their fitness goals? Perhaps you enjoy teaching classes in yoga, pilates, boxing, crossfit, or spinning. Not only does your workout lift your spirits, but seeing others getting fit pumps you up, too. If you have leadership skills and a personal trainer certification, you could enhance your career potential even further. Bryan University discusses …

Business Administration Program Bryan University Mentoring

How Mentoring Skills Help With Your Business Administration Degree

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A business administration degree from Bryan University prepares you for management jobs in a variety of industries. You could start as a manager of a small department, work your way up to middle management, and perhaps land in the C-suite as an executive or a partner. One vital aspect of business leadership is mentoring skills. Bryan University explains why in …

Online Classes Laptop Bryan University

How Online Classes Improve Your Well-Being

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Online classes are becoming more prevalent in our digital world. Laptops, Wi-Fi, tablets, and smartphones all make online learning easier to manage. You can take classes whenever you want, easily contact your instructors, and manage your workload all from home or that trendy cafe you frequent. In today’s blog from Bryan University, we go beyond the convenience of online classes …

Medical Assistant Program Bryan University

What Does a Medical Assistant Do? Our Medical Assistant Program Expert Weighs In

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The medical assistant program at Bryan University prepares you for an entry-level job in the healthcare industry. From there, you can go as high as you want in terms of becoming a nurse, doctor, specialist, or healthcare administrator. In today’s blog from Bryan University, our medical assistant program expert talks about what a medical assistant does for daily job duties. …

Online Classes Bryan University

Benefits of Online Classes From Bryan University

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Taking classes online may seem nontraditional, but online learning is becoming increasingly popular. In the fall of 2016, more than 6.3 million students in the United States took at least one online course. That was an increase of 5.6 percent over the previous year. In today’s blog from Bryan University, we discuss the benefits of taking online classes. Related Post: …

MBA Degree Bryan University

What You Can Do With an MBA From Bryan University

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Bryan University is proud to offer an MBA degree program for our students. A Master of Business Administration provides graduates with ample opportunities to excel in the business world thanks to leadership training and organizational management skills. In today’s blog from Bryan University, we explore what you can do with an MBA degree. Related Post: Earning a Master of Business …

Exercise Science Career Bryan University

Bryan University Answers: What Can You Do With an Exercise Science Degree?

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What can you do with an exercise science degree? You have plenty of rewarding career options with this associate’s degree track at Bryan University. Today’s blog from Bryan University answers your questions about the careers for exercise science majors. 1. Become a Personal Fitness Trainer The rise of fitness gyms and personal trainers continues as Americans look to stay healthy. …