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4 Main Features of Our MBA Program

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One of the main features of Bryan University’s degree programs is that you can graduate in less time with straightforward, career-focused courses.

Our Master of Business Administration (MBA) program represents a cornerstone of Bryan University. We’re proud to offer this degree for our students.

We’re going to cover four main features of our MBA program in today’s blog to help you determine if this program is a good fit for you.

1) Earn an MBA in Just 50 Weeks

You can earn an MBA in just 50 weeks, over five, 10-week quarters, at Bryan University. Classes range from organizational behavior and corporate finance to human resources management and management information systems.

What else can you do in 50 weeks? 

All you have to do is set some short-term goals. You’ll be less than a year older after earning an MBA degree. Start in the spring, finish next spring for an MBA. 

2) Admission Requirements 

Our admission requirements for an MBA include students who have completed a bachelor’s degree program from a regionally or nationally accredited post-secondary institution.

Your degree can be in writing, drama, chemistry, computer science, pre-med, or psychology. Whatever your specialty, you can pivot your expertise into an MBA in just 50 weeks.

3) Online Only

Every course in Bryan University’s MBA program is online only. You don’t have to attend class at a certain time, nor is there daily homework. Learn at your own pace, so long as you complete assignments based on the course syllabus and timeline. 

You don’t need regular contact with your instructors unless you want help understanding the assignments or text, or if you have questions about concepts. 

Otherwise, you have complete freedom to study whenever you have time. Look over your textbook for an hour and a half after the kids are asleep. Get up early before they have to get to school. Look over an assignment on your lunch break from work.

Bryan University’s career-focused programs are focused on you.

4) Tuition Costs

Tuition costs for our MBA program are $360 per credit hour. There are no extra fees for student activities. No meal plans. No room and board.

You can easily calculate your tuition when you apply for student aid through FAFSA.

Having a set tuition rate also lets you budget your educational expenses as you build towards earning your MBA degree from Bryan University.

Earn an MBA in Less Than Year With Bryan University

Graduate in less time with straightforward, career-focused degree programs. All you need is 50 weeks over five quarters.

What can you do in less than a year? You can earn an MBA degree.

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