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What Can You Do in a Year? How About Earn an MBA?

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Bryan University gives you the opportunity to earn an MBA degree in just 50 weeks over five quarters. 

What can you do in a year?

You could earn an MBA with our straightforward, career-focused courses.

Find out how by reading on.

What Does a Year Look Like for an MBA?

You need 560 contact hours (the number of hours you spend in instruction) and 56 quarter-credit hours to complete your MBA.

560 contact hours divided by 50 weeks comes out to around 11 hours per week, or 90 minutes a day.

Can you find 90 minutes a day to devote to a class? 

Consider: 1 hour for a lunch break at work and 30 minutes commuting per work. You already have 90 minutes for five days right there.

What Else Can You Accomplish in a Year?

By just putting together some short-term goals in a day (just 90 minutes), those turn into a week, a month, and then a year before you know it to earn an MBA.

What else can you do in a year?

  • At $1 a day every day, you could save enough to make an extra car payment. 
  • By walking 10,000 steps a day to maintain your fitness level, you would walk 1,825 miles in a year. That’s the distance between New York City and Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • If you love rabbits, you could have about 20 baby rabbits born in one year from the same rabbit mama.
  • Counting the architectural drawings and planning, you could have a house built in a year.
  • Traveling at Mach 25 on a rocket ship, the journey to Mars is about one year for any prospective astronauts. Luckily, earning an MBA is much less difficult to accomplish!

Why Just One Year? Only Take the Classes You Need

You’ll take 14 core courses, all relating to business, ending with a capstone project that showcases what you have learned in the past year.

Classes include:

Organizational behavior, where you learn the dynamics of groups, establishing common values, motivating employees, managing change, and intra-organizational communication.

Managerial accounting, in which you’ll learn to analyze and interpret financial data, develop and evaluate the data, and conduct cost-benefit analyses.

Research methods, a class that teaches you how to conduct business research, such as surveys, experiments, and data analysis. You’ll also dive into social research. 

Organizational management, where you understand how to lead various organizational structures within a business setting while addressing technology, culture, and changes in leadership.

Managerial economics, to give you an understanding of costs, pricing, revenue, prediction and forecasting, budgeting, investments, and consumer behavior.

Designing and executing management strategies, a course aimed to help you learn about making strategic decisions, inventory, production, forecasting, quality control, scheduling, planning, and resource allocation. 

Social media and marketing strategies, where you will understand how to leverage social networks for identifying advertising and promotion opportunities, competitive analysis, and market segmentation to give you an idea of how to market a brand.

Bryan University Can Help You Earn an MBA in Less Than a Year

Interested in earning an MBA in less than a year? Bryan University can give you the tools you need to make it happen.

Call us at 1-855-862-0755 or apply now for more information.

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