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What Can You Do in 16 Months? How About Learn Medical Billing & Coding?

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Bryan University wants you to get the most out of your education. We offer career-focused classes in a variety of skill sets, including medical billing and coding.

Our associate in applied science degree provides hands-on training to help you learn how to accurately process medical bills and records to ensure patients are billed properly. You will act as a liaison between the healthcare provider and an insurance company.

Our degree program lasts 70 weeks, or about 16 months.

What can you do in 16 months? Would getting an associate in applied science degree be on that list?

70 Weeks to a Career-Focused Degree

Our medical billing and coding degree program lasts 70 weeks over seven quarters at 10 weeks per quarter. 

Every week, you can set aside 90 minutes a day to study your course materials. You don’t have to attend classes regularly, and you can follow along with the assignments and course materials. So long as you keep up with assignments, you can study at your own pace during coursework.

Just 16 Months of Your Time

Short-term goals are generally goals you can accomplish in less than a year. Just four months past year, barely another season, you can have a degree that gives you tools that prepare you to sit for the Certified Professional Coder exam from the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC).

What else can you do in 16 months?

You can get your baby to walk steadily and begin feeding your little one solid food. Remember when your youngster was just a cuddly newborn? In just 16 months that flew right by, they’re a walking and babbling machine ready to eat cereal and even bite on some small apple pieces.

Here are the timeframes of some other tasks you do in 16 months (487 days) based on average Americans:

  • Spend 1,200 hours on social media at 2-½ hours a day.
  • Sit still for 72 hours stuck in traffic jams.
  • Watch 1,558 hours of TV shows or movies on various streaming platforms.
  • View 211 hours of Facebook videos.

Imagine what else you can do with 16 months of time.

What Courses You Will Take for Medical Billing & Coding

Core courses you take will reflect modern medical billing and coding concepts, enabling you to be ready to take the CPC exam.

Medical insurance and billing procedures, an introductory course that familiarizes yourself with types of medical insurance, insurance claim guidelines, and filling out insurance forms. 

Four courses covering medical billing and coding, where you will learn every aspect of the profession. Your educational knowledge will cover Current Procedural Terminology, International Classification of Diseases (ICD), Clinical Modification (CM,) and official coding guidelines while learning how to apply these codes, evaluate coding, and abstract situations where you can apply your knowledge.

Ready for a Medical Billing & Coding Degree?

Bryan University’s associate of applied science degree in medical billing and coding offers a 70-week (16-month) program over seven quarters that prepares you to take the CPC exam to become a nationally recognized and certified medical coding specialist.

What are you waiting for?

Call us at 1-855-862-0755 or apply now for more information.

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