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Interpersonal Skills for Exercise, Nutrition, and Health Promotion Specialists

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Bryan University helps you earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise, Nutrition, and Health Promotion. Beyond classroom instruction through online classes, these specialists must have fantastic interpersonal skills to succeed in this career. Bryan University explains the interpersonal skills required for this profession.

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You’ve no doubt seen videos of personal trainers motivating the people they’re helping with a workout routine. Motivational tools offer one way you put your interpersonal skills to use with an exercise, nutrition, and health promotion career. You have to know when to push people or when to let them figure it out on their own. You’ll need to understand how much motivational attitude is too much because each of your clients will be different in how they respond to your techniques for helping them improve their health and wellness.


As the name implies, you’ll have to do some promotional work when it comes to exercise, nutrition, and health promotion careers. Promoting and marketing good health is more than just telling people, “Hey, good health is important and here is the data backing that up.” 

You’ll have to convince people that improving their health is a good idea. Getting someone to believe in you starts with trust. Once you win people’s trust through a combination of knowledge and a caring attitude, then you can expand into more concrete subjects such as exercise routines, meal plans, and habits for good health.

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You’ll play the role of an advisor to the people you oversee as an exercise, nutrition, and health promotion specialist. Advising in this sense means you give expert advice on how someone can improve their health and wellness. Many clients struggle to recognize that improving their health requires a long-term process rather than an easy, short-term fix.

You may encounter clients who don’t feel like sticking with a health or workout program for months and years, even though it’s in their best interests. Some people may not respond well to certain motivational tools. 

As an exercise, nutrition, and health promotion specialist, you’ll have to display empathy towards your clients. They may face mental and physical roadblocks to success, and your kind attitude can help them overcome those challenges. People want to know they can trust you, and showing empathy, caring, and kindness towards your clients goes a long way. 


Once you build trust, you begin to build friendships. Not all of your clients will become friends, but the concept of friendliness is important for exercise, nutrition, and health promotion specialists. Clients want to work with people who are friendly and not overbearing, gruff, and rude. 

Sure, showing “tough love” can be an effective motivational tool. But your overall attitude must come from a place of being friendly towards everyone you work with. Developing a friendly rapport with people can lead to much better success rates compared to being someone who has a more direct motivational approach.

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