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Great Nutrition Resources for Your Exercise, Nutrition, and Health Promotion Career

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If you’re working toward a career in exercise, nutrition, and health promotion, then one of the things you may want in your tool belt is a resource for nutrition. In today’s blog from Bryan University, we look at the different online tools available to offer clients that can track calorie intake and diet, weight loss, BMI, and even a recipe analysis. 

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What online tools are there for nutrition data? 

Looking for online apps and services can be overwhelming just due to the sheer volume of options available, all promising to offer everything you need for great, fast results. But as an exercise, nutrition, and health promotion professional, you need to use resources that are solid in data and action, without all the marketing hype. 

One way to achieve this is to look for sources committed to overall health and not an overnight pill. 

Sites like Nutrition Data and the U.S. Department of Agriculture offer excellent resources to not only use for your career but your clients as well. 

U.S. Department of Agriculture: This site is specifically designed for nutrition professionals. It includes five distinct data types that give you information on different foods and their nutrient profiles. This allows you to offer nutrition advice and meal plans with confidence. It also gives you the freedom to tailor meal plans for each client’s unique needs. 

Nutrition Data: This site goes further into providing support for both the professional and layperson. You can create, analyze and save recipes equipped with nutrition facts like total calories, total fat, carbs, proteins, and sugars. Additionally, the site offers some great tools for you, like food comparisons, nutrient search tools, and caloric search tools. This can give you the information you need right at your fingertips to help your clients reach their goals. 

While these sites are an excellent source for information and management tools, they can be even more powerful when supplemented with mobile apps.

What apps help me with nutrition and health?

Mobile apps can be an excellent way to engage your clients in their new health goals and keep them motivated, no matter where they are. 

Like online services, finding the right app to track exercise, nutrition and calories effectively, as well as weight loss, can be overwhelming. 

Take a look at some resources that we believe offer what you and your clients are looking for.


This app costs a little under $5 and offers a comprehensive guide to fast facts on thousands of foods, their nutrients, and caloric value. You can even input your recipes to identify nutrition and calories. It also allows customers to track their meals to determine where their consumption may be too low or too high. As a professional, this is a great way to connect with your client and tutor them on better nutrition and eating habits. 


Free with in-app purchase, this app does everything someone determined to get healthy would want. Equipped with a barcode scanner, recipe importer and calorie counter, it also offers additional features like the ability to log your restaurants and monitor nutrition for weight loss. 

Calorie Counter – MyNetDiary

A hybrid of Nutrients and MyFitness Pal, this app acts as a virtual assistant in your diet and weight-loss journey. You can create a food diary that will track calorie counts, and it monitors and tracks your exercise. 

As an exercise, nutrition, and health promotion professional, your success depends on your client’s success and health journey. Using tracking and engagement tools for both yourself and them will create a digital roadmap of their progress, offering you the ability to see what works and what doesn’t. 

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Where can I earn a degree in exercise, nutrition, and health promotion?

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