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Bryan University Answers: What Can You Do With an Exercise Science Degree?

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What can you do with an exercise science degree? You have plenty of rewarding career options with this associate’s degree track at Bryan University. Today’s blog from Bryan University answers your questions about the careers for exercise science majors.

1. Become a Personal Fitness Trainer

The rise of fitness gyms and personal trainers continues as Americans look to stay healthy. An exercise science degree from Bryan University offers a gateway to personal fitness trainer careers, whether you choose to sign on with a chain or open your own gym. Either way, helping others stay in shape is a rewarding career.

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2. Jumpstart a Career as a Physical Therapist

Physical therapists help people prevent and recover from injuries. A physical therapist usually needs more education than a personal fitness trainer. However, an exercise science degree from Bryan University puts you on that career track. The good news is that physical therapists make more money because of their advanced degrees. You could start out as a personal fitness trainer to earn money while going to school to become a physical therapist.

3. Teach Others in a Formal Setting

You can teach other people about the health benefits of physical activity by becoming a PE teacher or a college professor. Once you receive a two-year exercise science degree, keep your education going with a bachelor’s and then master’s degree before you teach in a school setting. College professors often need a doctorate to teach at that level.

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Enroll in Bryan University’s Exercise Science Program

Want great opportunities in exercise science? These four careers are just the start! An associate’s degree in exercise science could help you become involved in nursing, health care, and medical professions. You might see enough interest to become a physician or surgeon! Enroll at Bryan University or call 1-855-862-0755 for more details.

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