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Healthy Habits to Observe When Adding Online Classes to an Already Busy Schedule

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Bryan University gives you an opportunity to take career-focused classes in the best possible setting: Your living room! Our 100% online classes offer convenience and cost-effectiveness while preparing you for job opportunities in the future. Today’s blog from Bryan University discusses healthy habits to observe when adding online classes to your already busy schedule.

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Exercise When You’re Sitting Down

There are plenty of ways to get physical activity when you’re sitting down. Stretch your arms straight over your head and clasp your hands together. Hold that position for a few seconds. Then lean back a bit to stretch your spine. Push off the floor with your feet until your toes are the only things touching the floor. Twist your chest to the right or left while keeping your lower back stationary to stretch your spine and torso. Perform all of these stretches slowly for best results when sitting down for your online classes.

Eat Healthier

Plan for healthier meals, but also have healthy snacks nearby as you study. Increase your intake of vegetables for better vitamins and minerals. Choose healthy carbs that aren’t based on sugar or high fructose syrup. Consider nuts, oats, and whole grains for healthy carbs that deliver energy when you need it the most. Eat until you’re just feeling full rather than overdoing it with a big meal. Eating too much can lead to less brainpower when you’re trying to focus on your online classes!

Drink More Water

Have some purified or bottled water on hand while you study. Water helps regulate many processes in your body. Drinking enough of it is one of the most important healthy habits you can develop. Just one sip every 15 minutes delivers plenty of water for your body to process nutrients, regulate your metabolism, and keep your brain healthy.

Wash and Sanitize Your Hands and Other Surfaces

Personal hygiene is vital, especially in the time of COVID-19 but also during cold and flu season. Wash and sanitize your hands, especially if you use a computer that other people in your household use. Clean and sanitize regularly handled surfaces in your home on a daily basis, such as light switches, doorknobs, faucets, keyboards, tabletops, refrigerator handles, and more.

Sleep Well

The average person should get around eight hours of sleep per night. Your body naturally rejuvenates every night when you sleep. Your mind filters the previous day’s events with dreams, your immune system kicks into overdrive, and your brain goes into healing mode. The more restful sleep you can get, the better. Be sure to make more time for it in your schedule.

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Online Classes at Bryan University

Bryan University’s 100% online classes are affordable, convenient, and let you learn in a safe and comfortable environment. We offer career-focused learning that puts you in the driver’s seat for your professional future. Call Bryan University toll-free at 1-855-862-0755 or enroll now to explore how you can elevate your career with online classes.

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