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Effective Tools for Promoting Physical Activity as an Exercise Specialist

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As an exercise specialist, your job is to help others improve their lives through exercise and wellness. Most people who pursue this career are passionate about what they do, but that doesn’t mean motivating people to stay active isn’t a challenge sometimes!

Just like in any profession, you’re likely to face dilemmas as you work with your clients. Fortunately, there are many different types of tools you can use to promote exercise and keep your clients active and moving. Here are some tips from the experts at Bryan University.

What are some ways to get my clients to exercise?

Need some ideas to motivate your clients? Here are four great ways to do it.

  1. Group events: Working out with peers is always more motivating and fun. Organizing indoor or outdoor group workouts is a great way to motivate clients to get social and have fun exercising.
  2. Social networking: Similarly, getting clients online and talking with others about their daily workouts, progress, and even failures can help normalize the ups and downs of health and wellness and keep people motivated to be the best version of themselves that they can be. Having people who can relate to each other offers empathy and compassion in a peer group.
  3. Progress tracking: Diligently tracking your clients’ progress can be motivating for them because they can look at their stats and see how far they’ve come since they first started. Make sure to track weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly progress to see how far they’ve come!
  4. Small rewards: Small rewards like workout gear, free supplements, T-shirts, or gift cards can be helpful to get clients motivated. As an exercise specialist, you can create your own reward program.
  5. Case studies: Show your clients what’s possible by creating case studies of previous clients who have accomplished their goals. Show your clients photos and statistics that clearly display progress and that encourage them to achieve their own goals.

What technologies can I use to promote exercise?

  • Personal training software or apps: Using personal training software or an app is an excellent way to keep track of your clients’ progress and ensure their stats stay organized. It’s also a helpful tool that exercise specialists can use to demonstrate growth and engage with clients as they set goals and achieve them.
  • Smartwatches or fitness trackers: Clients who use fitness trackers or smartwatches can more easily keep track of things like calories consumed and burned, hours slept, and workouts completed. Pushing clients to compete against themselves is easier when they have stats to look at.
  • Online exercise programs: Online videos are fun and easy to follow from home or even while clients are out at the park with friends. You can make videos geared towards all different age groups, abilities, and types of fitness exercises to ensure that there’s something for every type of client. If it’s fun and exciting, clients are more likely to get it done.

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How can Bryan University help me to succeed in my career as an exercise specialist?

If you’re passionate about helping others improve their lives through health and wellness, these tools can help you succeed as an exercise specialist. Learn more about our career program options by calling toll-free at 1-855-862-0755 or enrolling online today.

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  1. Exercise specialists help others improve their lives through exercise and wellness. Although most people who pursue this career are passionate about it, motivating people to stay active sometimes isn’t easy.

    Tips and ways mentioned above are easy and will get your clients moving if implemented. Professionals can use this article to begin working with their clients. Thank you for sharing this with us as it is helpful for everyone.

  2. I’ve had difficulty getting people to use apps for exercise. However, the pandemic seems to have changed many people’s minds.
    Group activity has always been my favorite, especially since you can use the group energy to make everyone push themselves harder. I’ll definitely check out some of these other options. Great article!

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