Dollars to Donuts – An interview with Hurts Donuts Co-Founder Tim Clegg

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Who doesn’t love donuts? They are a sweet treat, and thanks to Hurts Donut Company, they are not just for breakfast anymore thanks to their “open 25 hours a day, 8 days a week” mantra. This local startup has experienced explosive growth over the last several years and we caught up with Hurts co-founder Tim Clegg to pick his brain on small business ownership. Check out episode 1 of our interview series:

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Scott: Well Tim thanks for speaking with us today. What has been the biggest surprise of your success with Hurts Donut Company?

Tim: I think that the biggest surprise for us was the consumer response back to our concept. We did not have any knowledge in this field what so ever. We are not bakers we have never been in the donut industry before. We did our homework, we did a lot of research on making donuts so just out of the gate the consumer response to our concept, and branding has been phenomenal. It has allowed us to experience rapid growth and great success in a field that is typically identified for a retirement position, a retirement job and so we feel like we have revolutionized the way people think about donuts and the access to them being 24 hours.

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