Dollars to Donuts – Whats Next for Hurts Donut Company?

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Scott: Tim what is next for Hurts Donut Company?

Tim: Rest. You don’t have to use that. What is next for Hurts Donut Company? I think is just streamlining our expansion process. We’ve been very deliberate about how we’ve grown. We don’t over grow even though 22 stores in five years might seem a little aggressive. We try to limit our growth annually between 8 to 12 stores a year. We’ve never hit the 12 mark but that’s always our goal. We’re not upset when we don’t hit that because we take on only what we know we can manage. I would say in the next 3 years, for Hurts Donut, we would be streamlining that process; we would just become better. We were not a franchise-experienced group, we learned this entire process on the job and so we are a learning organization and we make mistakes, daily, and we use those as tools to learn and get better. We have phenomenal staff that learns along with us so we try to be as supportive as we possibly can to maintain growth, and maintain employment and do our best to take care of them the way they take care of us. We have big plans to continue growth, expand operations, to get outside of the Midwest; we’ve taken small leaps; we’re in Colorado and Arizona. We’re as far south as Houston, as far north as the Middleton Wisconsin area. Our short-term goals are to expand towards both coasts. We’re getting a lot of information and learning how we can expand into foreign markets as well.

Scott: Well Tim thank you for speaking with us today.

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