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What Traits Make a Good Personal Trainer?

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There are a few career paths that demand a certain personality type. Teacher, nurse, even personal trainer. When working directly with people, there are traits that can take any individual to a highly skilled professional in the field. There are particular qualities that are appreciated across the board in an individual, but some are specific to the chosen vocation. Bryan University explains the traits necessary to be a fantastic personal trainer.

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Why do I need focus as a skill for personal training?

When looking at personal trainers, there is an array of skills that make one successful in their career and relationship with clients. First and foremost, a trainer needs to be focused. In an area where most individuals seek out a trainer because they can’t direct their own workouts, the trainer needs to be able to compensate for what their client can’t do for themselves. The client relies on their trainer to keep their goals in sight, keep the workout on track, and act as a guide throughout the process of reaching their fitness goals.

Why must personal trainers relate to their clients? 

Second, the trainer should be relatable. Fitness is a field that scares and intimidates many people because of lack of experience or understanding. While this is the reason many people seek out a personal trainer, this is also what makes the average person shy away from one. When someone is seeking assistance in their fitness journey, it can be intimidating to work with someone who is advanced on their own. When a trainer emphasizes their relatability or similarities with their clients, it encourages them to let their guard down and promote a healthy client-trainer relationship. 

Why should personal trainers lead by example?

Third, it’s important to walk the walk. It’s important to be able to back up the expertise in a field that requires trust on the part of your clients. For example, you wouldn’t want someone who is irresponsible with money to be your financial adviser, so you wouldn’t want someone unhealthy to be your personal trainer. Fitness and health look different for everyone, but this skill is especially important for the professional to practice what they preach. 

Why should personal trainers be eager to learn?

Finally, it’s crucial for a trainer to be eager to learn and teach. In an ongoing training partnership, both parties should learn from one another. The client will learn healthy habits, proper form, and healthy routines. The trainer should constantly learn from each client how to assist different needs and work with different types of clients. This give and take relationship will ultimately result in the client reaching their goals and the trainer becoming more well-rounded in their profession. 

One of the biggest mistakes made by anyone in their field is believing they’ve capped out on their ability to learn. Any successful individual will attest to the fact that learning never stops. 

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Where can I earn a personal trainer diploma?

While there are many facets to a successful personal trainer, these three are crucial. Being relatable, walking the walk, and eagerness to learn and teach will all lead an individual towards success. Bryan University can help foster your personal trainer career with a diploma in this field. Contact us for more information!

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