How Working Mom Kelsey Frossard Earned Her Degree for a Medical Assistant Job

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When Kelsey Frossard became a mother during her senior year of high school, she thought many of her dreams were no longer in reach. Frossard’s parents worked long hours when she was a kid, and she had firsthand experience of the challenges associated with being a working mom. She had dreamed of finding a medical assistant job or becoming a veterinarian, but after giving birth to her daughter she didn’t know how going to college would be possible.

Frossard had already completed half of a certified nursing assistant (CNA) course, but she quickly obtained a job in retail to support her family. She knew that retail wasn’t what she wanted to do for the rest of her life, but with the demands of being a working mom, it would be years before she would seriously consider continuing her education.

By the time Kelsey began researching schools, she had two children and was working full time. She knew that she needed to find the right fit if she was going to be successful.

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It’s Never Too Late To Launch Your Career

Frossard’s journey to making her dreams a reality began with a visit to Bryan University. She was initially attracted to its size, as Frossard had grown up in a small town and knew that she would be most comfortable at a smaller college. She was looking for a program that would allow her to get to know her instructors and receive individual help if needed.

Her first visit sealed the deal. Frossard walked in not knowing a soul and by the time she left that day, she felt at home at Bryan University. The staff understood the challenges she would face as a working mom and took the time to help her consider all of her options. They helped her map out her schedule and explore options for how she would pay for her education. She enrolled in the Medical Assistant Associate Degree program that very day.

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing from there. Frossard describes her time at Bryan University as one of the most challenging things she has ever done, but she also describes it as the best thing she has ever done. “No class you take in college is easy,” she said. Despite memories of late nights and a few tears over some of her harder classes, Frossard wouldn’t change a thing.

After obtaining her Medical Assistant Associate degree from Bryan, Frossard landed a medical assistant job at Adult Medicine and Endocrinology Specialists Clinic at the Cox Surgery Center in Springfield, Mo. After years of working retail, she feels blessed to have a schedule that better allows her to manage all of her responsibilities as a working mom, and gives her more time to spend with her kids.

What Medical Assistants Do

Medical assistants—including certified nursing assistants—are often the backbone that keeps health care facilities functioning smoothly. At Bryan University, students are prepared to take on a variety of medical assistant job duties, including:

  • Recording vital statistics or other health information
  • Assessment physical conditions of patient to aid in diagnosis or treatment
  • Interviewing patients to gather medical information
  • Preparing patient treatment areas
  • Giving medications or immunizations
  • Cleaning medical equipment

Being a working mom has helped prepare Frossard for a job that requires flexibility and multitasking skills. Her ability to manage various tasks at once allowed her to be a successful student while parenting. It wasn’t easy, but Frossard is immensely proud of her accomplishments.

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What advice would Frossard give to another working mom? She said, “The only person holding you back is yourself. Once you get the dream you want, you go after it and don’t let anything stop you.”

Go after your dreams and apply to Bryan University today. Feel free to contact us with questions.

For more information about Bryan University graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed our programs, transferability of credits and other important information, please visit our Consumer Information Center.

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  1. Kelsey you are my hero and my inspiration. Your a wonderful person and I love you so much. And very proud of you I know how hard you worked for this. Congrats . Call me Tiffany lol

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