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Looking to become a personal trainer or an aerobics instructor? You’re going to need a personal trainer diploma from Bryan University’s School of Health & Wellness. Gyms all over the country are looking for certified personal trainers, fitness instructors and aerobics instructors. In addition to that, becoming a private personal trainer can be a very lucrative business.

As you get your personal trainer diploma you learn about the physiology behind different exercises, how to work different muscle groups, and how diet affects the outcome of the exercise programs you implement.

You’ll learn ways to motivate your clients in one-on-one personal fitness sessions and the best ways to really help them achieve their fitness goals. Seeing your clients improve and knowing that their results are a product of your dedication to their health and well-being is rewarding in itself, but getting paid for helping people is also an awesome benefit of being a personal trainer.

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How Can Bryan University Help Me Pursue A Personal Trainer Diploma?

We start by making sure you have all of the skills necessary to be a professional personal fitness trainer. Here are some of the things we’ll teach you;

  • Industry terminology
  • Physical fitness office and records management
  • The psychology used in physical fitness
  • The biomechanics of exercise
  • Nutrition and weight management
  • Physical training techniques
  • Legal requirements of the industry

Our personal trainer diploma prepares you to pass your personal trainer certification exam. You’ll be ready to pursue a career as a certified personal trainer upon receiving certification.

If you want an idea of the career opportunities available to a certified personal trainer, search Google for personal trainer jobs. Take a look at the job search results from

Where Can I Get My Personal Trainer Diploma?

The personal trainer diploma can be obtained through our Rogers, Arkansas campus, our Springfield, Missouri campus, or you can get your personal trainer diploma online. Learn more about how easy it is to get your personal trainer diploma here.

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How Long Does It Take To Get My Personal Trainer Diploma?

The short answer; As long as it takes you to complete the personal training diploma to study for a certification test and pass it.

Bryan University offers 100% online courses. You take the online personal trainer certification courses you work at your own speed. How fast you get certified depends on your dedication to your education and your time constraints.

To apply online, click here.

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