The Future Is Bright for Personal Trainer Students at Bryan University

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Personal trainers instruct their clients on how best to improve their physical fitness. If you love staying in great shape and helping other people achieve their fitness goals, then this career is a great option for you! A Personal Trainer Diploma from Bryan University can put you on the right path to a personal training certificate and a bright future in a rewarding career.

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Educational Requirements

Personal training courses cover a wide range of topics. You may start with basic recordkeeping and management classes to give you an idea of what daily life is like for a personal trainer. Then, move on to anatomy and physiology classes that teach you the mechanics of physical exercise and training. You also learn CPR and how to use an Automated External Defibrillator. Dive into nutrition and wellness topics for a holistic approach to personal training on your way to earning a Personal Trainer Diploma.

Personal Training Certification

National certification is an important part of demonstrating your expertise in the field and is a selling point with employers and clients. Bryan University is an ACE education partner and our Personal Trainer Diploma and Exercise Specialist Associate of Applied Science Degree programs are designed to prepare you for the certification exam.

Where You Work

After you earn a personal training certificate, you’re ready to start working in this rewarding field. Make connections with local employers, such as fitness gyms, while you’re in school. Gyms can update you with job opportunities and requirements as you progress towards certification. You could also start your own business, which is where business management and recordkeeping classes come in handy while earning your Personal Trainer Diploma.

Business opportunities include owning your own gym, having a mobile personal training service that goes to businesses and workplaces, or consulting with employers to create employee fitness programs.  

Personal Trainer Diploma at Bryan University

A Personal Trainer Diploma at Bryan University prepares you for all facets of this career, and it’s done completely online over 40 weeks and four quarters. Personal training courses go through classroom theory and practical approaches to personal training. The ultimate goal is to guide you towards personal trainer certification. Contact Bryan University today to jump-start your personal training career!

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