Graduate Spotlight on Jose Castaneda

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We are proud of every single graduate and their accomplishments. Today we are excited to share Jose Castaneda’s story and celebrate his success!


Graduate Name: Jose Castaneda

City, State: Bentonville, AR

Title: Project Analyst Manager – Category Development

Employer: E & J Gallo Winery

Program at BU: Master of Business Administration

How has your life changed since graduating from Bryan University?

Life has changed dramatically. Bryan University gave me the tools to be a driven individual with the skillset of a project oriented professional. Going through the program, I implemented a pathway of accomplishments to build confidence for myself.

In your own words, explain what you do for your current company:

Currently I work for E&J Gallo Winery as a Category/Sales Analyst. I provide comprehensive data analysis for all aspects of the wine and spirits category on the Sam’s Club account for any suggested recommendations. Several notable brands we carry are Barefoot, BlackBox, and Apothic!

What are some of your accomplishments since graduating from Bryan University? (Promotions, certifications, etc.)

Before I graduated from Bryan University, I was on the look for a new position from my current role at the time, as a business analyst. One factor that played into getting my new role now, was because they saw that I was a grad student that was doing exceptionally well. My dreams of working for a supplier has come true!

Tell us something interesting or unique about yourself:

Time management is one of the most essential traits I believe to have. I believe we can take on any challenge that’s in front of us if we manage the time.

What is something fun that you would like to share about yourself? (Favorite food, sports teams, etc.)

I enjoy viewing all sports and I partake in golf now. It’s a great sport that gives me time to look into stocks/crypto, or just clear my mind.

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