Graduate Spotlight on Toni Gerhardt

Nathan Stokes Medical Assistant Degree, Online Classes 3 Comments

We are proud of every single graduate and their accomplishments. Today we are excited to share Toni Gerhardt’s story and celebrate her success!


Graduate Name:  Toni Gerhardt

City, State: Bentonville, AR

Title: Certified Medical Assistant and is working on becoming a certified X-Ray Tech.

Employer: Washington Regional Urgent Care

Program at BU: Medical Assistant Associate Degree

How has your life changed since graduating from Bryan University?

I have a career I love, making good money, self-sufficient and I feel accomplished.

What is something fun that you would like to share about yourself? (Favorite food, sports teams, etc.)

Dallas Cowboys & I love all food but I really LOVE seafood.

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  1. Super proud of you, Toni. You make me glad to call you my sister. You deserve only the best in life and pray everything you want in life comes you way.

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