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Program Highlights of Medical Assistant Courses

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Medical assistants are vital frontline workers in allied health. They’re responsible for checking in patients at clinics, doctors’ offices, and other healthcare offices. Today’s blog from Bryan University explains some highlights and interesting classes you’ll take as part of the medical assistant program in our School of Allied Health.

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Anatomy and Physiology Courses

Bryan University offers two anatomy and physiology courses for medical assisting students. The first course delves into the body as a whole and various systems, such as the nervous, circulatory, muscular, and skeletal. The second course covers nutrition, metabolism, fluids, electrolytes, and the acid-base system, as well as the respiratory, urinary, reproductive, immune, and digestive systems. Along the way, you’ll learn how various influences can affect the human body. 

Medical Law and Ethics

Medical assistants must practice medical ethics while following rules and regulations. You’ll learn the details about patient confidentiality, your legal responsibilities in the allied health field, and your liability as a worker. 


Our pharmacology course discusses how to administer medications and account for drug interactions. You’ll learn about common medications, what they’re used for, and how they affect various systems of the body.


The clinical course is where you learn hands-on skills that medical assistants use on a regular basis. You’ll discover how to take vital signs, prep patients for medical procedures, take patients’ measurements, and document patients’ medical histories. Accuracy is of utmost importance for this course.


An externship is where you put your knowledge to the test. You’ll utilize essential skills learned in the classroom as you work in a healthcare setting, such as a physician’s office or clinic. Successful completion of an externship gives you practice experience in the field ahead of starting your career.

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Medical Assistant Diploma From Bryan University

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