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How to Market Yourself in a Resume After Graduating With an Online Degree or Diploma

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Well, here it is. The moment after all the hard work, with the coveted diploma finally on its way to you. Now what? You’re bright-eyed and guns-a-blazin’ ready to join the workforce, so how do you put this new academic achievement to good use? 

Bryan University explains how to market yourself in a resume after graduating with an online degree or diploma.

How do I set myself apart from other candidates after I graduate?

When you begin your job search, you want to maximize your results and ensure the right impression is given to every prospective employer. Considering most human resources employees and recruiters typically receive upwards of 100 applications for a single job, it’s crucial to make sure yours is set apart from the pack. Your resume acts as your business card, your sales document, and your experience listing all in one. This is why so much emphasis is put on having a good one after completing your online degree or diploma. 

How do I communicate effectively with my resume?

What exactly makes a good resume? For starters, it will grab the attention of whoever’s desk it lands on. It will effectively communicate your education, accomplishments, skills, and experience in a format that’s clear and concise. If you’re applying to jobs in a highly competitive field, it can help to tailor your resume to that specific job. While it may seem tedious to change your resume based on the job, it can pay off in the long run after graduating with your online degree or diploma.

How should I manage my online reputation?

Speaking of tedious, one thing that most candidates neglect to do is managing their online reputation. With the popularity of social media and the constant stream of activity to the internet, it’s likely that you already have a presence online. Before meeting you, this is the second thing an employer will see, with your resume being the first. 

To test the impression you currently give, try Googling yourself and see what results pop up. This is exactly what a prospective employer sees. While you don’t have to run your personal social media pages like a business newsletter, it definitely benefits you to remove any unfavorable posts or images.

How do I use LinkedIn to search for a job?

One thing to be used to your advantage in this digital age is LinkedIn, which is a social platform used like a resume. A few things to boost your first impression is utilizing a professional photo (like a headshot) and use the profile headline to stand out. Add people as connections that you know or would like to know. Request endorsements from those you’ve worked with in the past to add some credibility. Top it off with a specific call to action and the information employers can use to get in touch with you following your graduation with an online degree or diploma.

How can Bryan University help me land a job after I graduate?

With all of this and your shiny new diploma, you are ready to take on the job market. Make your connections, polish your resume, and prepare your acceptance for when that coveted job offer finally does come in.

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