Audra Widner: Building Self-Confidence Through a Personal Training Career

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personal training careerAudra Widner knew from the time she was young that building self-confidence was a process that required effort and commitment. A self-described “bigger girl,” Widner struggled with accepting herself and feeling confident in her own skin. Little did she know, she would one day start a personal training career and dedicate herself to helping others feel confident.

After living in the same town for 11 years, Widner moved three times when she was in eighth-grade year. She attended a total of five schools during one school year. Though Widner identifies this time in her life as one of the most difficult periods she’s had to endure, she recognized it as an opportunity to discover who she was and what her passions were.

Widner knew she needed to build her self-confidence before she could make her mark on the world.

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A Personal Lifestyle Change

At the start of high school, Widner recognized that if she didn’t lose weight, her health would suffer and her self-confidence would too. She began on a weight loss journey, eventually losing over 50 pounds.

While the physical transformation was rewarding, Widner experienced a transformation in her emotional well-being, which was the ultimate reward.

Widner had a desire to make a difference in others’ lives but knew she couldn’t fully give herself to others if she didn’t love herself first. Building self-confidence was the first step in Widner’s journey that would eventually lead to her to pursue a career in personal training at Bryan University.

Though health and fitness had become a part of her life, Widner had never considered a personal training career. It was her mother who saw an advertisement for the personal training programs at Bryan University and encouraged Widner to apply. She knew that she could help others embark on a similar weight-loss journey and build self-confidence with her support and encouragement, and she immediately knew Bryan University had the training program to prepare her.

Finding Bryan University

When researching Bryan University, Widner was impressed by the small class sizes, the flexibility in scheduling and the helpful nature of the faculty and staff. Bryan University didn’t disappoint. “Everyone at BU was so encouraging,” Widner said. “The atmosphere couldn’t have been better. I loved every single moment of it and miss the friendships that were made, not only with the students but also the [instructors] and staff members. The small class sizes made it easy to learn and really understand each concept being taught.”

As a student at Bryan University’s personal traning program. Widner learned the science and techniques needed to help transform her clients’ lives, while also focusing on the compassion and motivation techniques needed to help her clients build self-confidence. She knows that after attending Bryan University, she has the optimistic attitude she needs for a personal training career and helping her clients make lasting change.

The Bryan University personal training programs aim to graduate students who can:

  • Offer alternatives during classes to accommodate different levels of fitness
  • Evaluate individuals’ abilities, needs and physical conditions, and develop suitable training programs to meet any special requirements
  • Observe participants and inform them of corrective measures necessary for skill improvement
  • Monitor participants progress and adapt programs as needed

With this background, Widner knows that she can make a lasting difference in her clients’ lives. Her goal is to continue to encourage others and help others build self-confidence.

The Start of a Personal Training Career

Widner recognizes the difference that Bryan University could make in the lives of others. When asked what she would say to prospective students considering enrolling at Bryan University, her answer was simple: “I would encourage anyone to go to Bryan University. I know life gets busy and pursuing education can be hard, but you can reach your goals. The positive atmosphere at BU makes wanting to attend school so much easier.”

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Whether reaching fitness goals or education goals, Widner recognizes her accomplishments as the key to building her self-confidence, and she has dedicated her life to helping others realize their potential.

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