Donald McDonough’s Path to Personal Training Certification

Nathan Stokes Personal Trainer Diploma

personal training certificationWhen searching for right program to prepare him for his personal training certification, Donald McDonough had some doubts about his abilities as a student. He didn’t see himself as a natural learner and knew that if he didn’t find the right program, college would be a struggle.

McDonough isn’t one to shy away from a challenge, however.

Long before his dreams of obtaining certification in personal training took hold, he was meeting challenges on the field and in the gym. McDonough began playing baseball, softball and soccer as a young boy in Boulder, Colo., and he continued his involvement in athletics after moving to Missouri. In high school, McDonough began wrestling and even tried cage fighting before joining the army.

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Overcoming His Own Obstacles to Help Others with Theirs

McDonough’s early dedication to sports and fitness was a sign that a personal training certification might be in his future. However, despite his many athletic accomplishments, McDonough considered his biggest challenge to be in the classroom, not the gym.

McDonough had difficulty focusing in school and suffered from test anxiety, but he knew that if he wanted to establish his career as a personal trainer, he needed the right training. He decided that if he was going to one day train his clients to overcome their weaknesses, he needed to learn how to overcome his own.

McDonough knew he needed to find a school that offered a hands-on personal training program.

He didn’t feel that online courses were right for him. He was looking for a sense of community – like-minded individuals he could learn with. As someone whose family is the most important thing in his life, McDonough was also looking for a family of individuals who shared his passions and interests when deciding on a training program.

He found that family at Bryan University.

The First Step Toward His Personal Training Certification

Learning never felt like a chore for McDonough while at Bryan University. He enjoyed each class and left feeling confident in the knowledge and skills he had gained while preparing for his personal training certification.

He attributes the students and staff at Bryan University for much of his success and knows he has formed lasting friendships while seeking his degree.

The personal training programs at Bryan University train students in motivation techniques, physiology, diet and lifestyles, with the goal of preparing each student to pass their personal training certification exam upon graduation.

Bryan University’s personal training programs focus on the following areas:

  • Physical fitness office and records management
  • Nutrition and weight management
  • The physiology used in physical fitness
  • Physical training techniques

Many students, like McDonough, go on to obtain their Exercise Specialist Associate of Applied Science degree after earning their Personal Training Diploma, which provides additional training in the legal requirements of the fitness industry and more hands-on field experiences for students.

The Beginning of a Booming Personal Training Career

McDonough isn’t done learning and growing. His goals are to continue building his client base and learning about his field. He still sees Bryan University as a resource – despite having graduated – and says that even now, the instructors continue to provide support whenever he has questions.

When asked what he would say to someone considering Bryan University, McDonough’s advice is simple: “I tell them to go in and talk to the staff. They are friendly and welcoming. I tell them about my experience and how much I learned and enjoyed every second of it.”

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A Personal Training Diploma or Exercise Specialist Associate of Applied Science degree offered by Bryan University can be a great way to prepare for the personal training certification exam. And, what’s even better? It is clear from McDonough’s experience that there you can also gain great relationships and experiences at Bryan University. Ready to get started?

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