The Fast Track to a Medical Billing and Coding Career

Nathan Stokes Medical Billing and Coding

Are you looking to become an important member of a medical team? With a medical billing and coding career you work on maintaining patient records and ensure that each patient is billed in a correct and timely manner. The health care industry depends on these professionals to assist patients in a more behind-the-scenes role, properly coding a patient’s diagnosis and then requesting payments from the patient’s insurance company.

If you want a career in the healthcare industry and prefer a career with less direct patient interaction, this career path might be the perfect match for you.

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Why Choose a Medical Billing and Coding Career?

• Involves organization and detail-oriented work
• Does not require direct contact with patients or bodily fluids
• Easy transition from other fields
• You can complete training quickly

If you are comfortable working in front of a computer for multiple hours and have an eye for detail, a medical billing and coding career path could be a great option. Accuracy is also extremely important in this field, as well as being a team player and having a professional attitude.

At Bryan University, we teach you about the types of healthcare facilities and environments where you might work, and we explain medical terms and abbreviations that are commonly used in popular health information management systems. If you are looking for the right opportunity in the health care industry, Bryan can help you begin your medical billing and coding career.

Medical Billing and Coding Job Tasks1

• Reviewing patients’ records for timeliness, completeness, accuracy and appropriateness of data
• Organizing and maintaining data for clinical databases and registries
• Tracking patient outcomes for quality assessment
• Using classification software to assign clinical codes for reimbursement and data analysis
• Electronically recording data for collection, storage, analysis, retrieval and reporting
• Maintaining confidentiality of patients’ records

Baby boomers are the second-largest living generation behind Millennials. As they age and require more health care, they create a larger work load, which leads to the health care industry growing. In such a fast-paced environment, job responsibilities for a medical biller and coder are ever-changing. It is important to be familiar with the most up-to-date computer software used in this profession.

Through Bryan University’s courses, you have the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in your medical billing and coding career.

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