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Don’t Think You Have Time to Earn an MBA From Bryan University? Think Again.

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Bryan University’s goal is to provide career-focused courses for a wide range of programs that don’t take a lot of time to complete, including courses in allied health, solar energy, health and wellness, and business.

How long do you think it would take you to earn an MBA degree from Bryan University? 

How about 50 weeks?

That’s less than a year of time. 

Here are a few suggestions on how to accomplish this in so short a time and why career-focused classes for an MBA are an effective way to learn what you need to succeed.

Manage Short, Achievable Goals

Classes are one quarter in length, which is 10 weeks long. That’s 2-½ months, less than one season on the calendar. Just spend one spring on a small batch of MBA courses and you’re already 20 percent there! 

During the summer months, do the same thing again. By the time the next spring rolls around, you’ll have an MBA degree in hand.

You don’t need to spend a lot of time within class instruction.

Just 90 Minutes a Day for Training

Can you find 90 minutes a day to devote to the instructional goals of the class? That’s what you’ll need for the amount of time to spend during formal instruction.

Consider how much time you spend on social media every day. Re-focus that time to spend on studying for your MBA courses, and you’ll have a degree in less than a year. By the time you’re done with your degree, you won’t want to go back to social media because you’ll be retooling your career with your MBA.

Cost Efficiency for All of Your Textbooks

All of your textbooks are 100% online, meaning you don’t have to haul a bunch of hardbacks around like you would have in high school. Even better, all you need is to pay one fee for all of your textbooks rather than paying for books individually. 

All of your texts are available through a laptop, tablet computer, or even a smartphone. Feel like reading a textbook on your commute to work? That’s a possibility. Consider converting your electronic textbooks to an audio format using specialized software or apps so you can listen to books while you’re driving.

Ready for an MBA in Just 50 Weeks? Contact Bryan University

Are you ready to dive deeper into a vibrant career with an MBA? Earn an MBA in just 50 weeks through Bryan University. 

Call us at 1-855-862-0755 or apply now for more information.

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