Hybrid Learning at Bryan University

Do you prefer learning hands-on in a classroom, but want the freedom that online courses provide? Bryan University’s hybrid learning option can offer you the skills you need to be successful in your career, all while accommodating your life and your needs. Whether you live in Missouri, Kansas or Arkansas, career training at Bryan helps busy adult learners work education into their lives.

The Center for Digital Education found that 73% of teachers who use hybrid learning models in their courses saw more student engagement than in traditional class structures.1 Many educators also claim that engagement in hybrid programs appears higher than in entirely online programs.2 This could be explained by the personal attention of the in-seat portion, instead of the student just staring at a computer for the entire course.

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Bryan’s hybrid education option gives you the best of both worlds. You have the flexibility of completing work online on your time, and at your convenience. But you’ll also receive hands-on, one-on-one training from faculty members who are experienced in their field.

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Your Life. Your Education. Your Way.

We understand that life can be incredibly busy and that it’s tough to juggle the demands of school with a family, a job and your personal life. That’s why Bryan University offers career-training programs with classes in a traditional and hybrid program format to fit your schedule.

Bryan’s online training programs are designed just for you. You can complete the coursework on your time and work it into your schedule the way that is best for you.

Flexible Schedule. Same Benefits.

Just because some of your classes are online doesn’t mean that you lose the support you have with the BU team; the trainers and staff at Bryan University are here to help you every step of the way, whether it is through our online support services or in-person in one of your classes.

With the Bryan hybrid learning option, you can expect to receive:

  • In-person training two days a week, with the remaining coursework online
  • Personalized attention from your trainers in the classroom
  • The flexibility of learning online, 24/7, on your time

Many Options. Same Value.

Whether you are getting a diploma, an Associate’s degree, a Bachelor’s degree, or a Master’s degree, there are convenient, online options just for you.

Not all programs are available at all campuses.

Your Online Educational Experience Starts Here. With Us. Today.

Want to receive quality career training that is easier on both your schedule and your wallet? Then we’re happy to help. Classes are two days a week in-seat, and you can complete the rest of your coursework online in the comfort of your own home!

At Bryan, you can get gain the hands-on experience necessary to become a competitive job candidate and also be able to complete work at home. Check out the hybrid learning opportunities for the diploma and associate degree programs.

Ready to take the next step toward your new career? Apply today!

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