Medical Office Assistant Diploma

If you’re ready for a new career and like the idea of a professional environment and working closely with doctors and patients, consider earning your Medical Office Assistant Diploma from Bryan University.

Medical office assistants are the ones behind the scenes performing the business and clerical work to make sure the doctor’s office runs smoothly.

You’ll be able to choose from a variety of workplace settings, such as physician’s offices, hospitals, clinics and more. In the medical office assistant training program at Bryan University, you can earn your diploma and be on your way to a new career!

No healthcare facility is complete without their medical office assistants. From the start of a patient’s visit, to the very end, the medical office assistant provides the patients, nurses and doctors with the information they need for a smooth visit.

When you first walk into the doctor’s office, who do you see? The medical office assistant. Medical office assistants play a vital role in making sure that each patient’s visit starts and ends well.

To become a medical office assistant, you must have solid career training. At Bryan, we offer career training for our medical office assistant diploma program to prepare you for your career in the healthcare field.

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  • Jamie Fedak, BS, Allied Health Management (Certified Allied Health Instructor)

Qualities of a Medical Office Assistant


On busy days, you may have a variety of tasks you have to complete as a medical office assistant. The ability to be flexible will help you in your role.


No healthcare system is successful without the help of every employee. As a medical office assistant, being able to work with other employees is vital to ensuring each visit goes smoothly.


One of your main tasks as a medical office assistant is to input, organize, maintain and prepare office records for patients and medical workers. To do this, you must be well-organized and detail-oriented.

A Career on the Rise

With the medical office assistant certificate at Bryan University you will have a variety of work environments to choose from, which means you have the opportunity to find the place that best fits your needs. From non-profit organizations, to clinics, to in-house, corporate medical facilities, there is an environment that suits the goals of your healthcare career.

Bryan’s medical office assistant diploma can prepare you for roles in the allied health industry by providing you first-hand experience in the medical field and familiarizing you with medical terminology, practices and procedures.

Get Your Medical Office Assistant Diploma
from Bryan University

Our medical office assistant diploma curriculum is designed to deliver the training you need to succeed in your new career right from the start. You’ll learn valuable skills like bookkeeping, medical law, basic anatomy and how to maintain positive relationships with patients. The instructors at Bryan are knowledgeable and have first-hand experience, so their valuable insight and advice can help you learn the skills you need, fast.

Our program can be completed in one year!

Here’s what you can expect to learn about as you earn your medical office assistant diploma:

Medical Terminology

Anatomy and Physiology

Medical Law and Ethics


Basic Insurance

Medical Office Communications

Coding & Billing

Electronic Medical Records Management


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