"I absolutely loved all of the instructors and their willingness to help!"

- Trista Grant (BU Medical Assistant Graduate)

"DO IT! That is the only advice I have and that I give people. I was terrified to do online schooling and swore I never would, but, now that I have I wouldn't change it. I never ever regret my decision of going back to school!"

- Lauren Wever (BU Business Administration and Management Graduate)
"My advice is to stay with it. There are always going to be rocks in the road throughout life. Getting through those rocks is what makes us the successful people we are."

I went back after 12 years of being out of school so that in itself was enough to make me quit! ... but I heard my mom's voice in my head like she did almost every week saying YOU GOT THIS!"

-Jeff Snyder (BU Business Administration and Management Graduate)

"I have a career with regular hours that allows me to do the things I love: help people and spend time with my two boys."

-Haylee Fabian (BU Medical Graduate)

"There were so many people in the classes, no one cared if I was there or not, so I just didn't go to class. I needed on-on-one attention to help me with discipline. I came to Bryan to get that personal attention, which I am getting here."

-Bentlee Mathews (BU Medical Graduate)

"I chose this school because it was online and it allowed me to work at my own pace."

-Ashlee Russel (BU Healthcare Administration Graduate)

"I enrolled at Bryan because I didn't want to waste my time and money going through a four year program"

-Chris Brice (BU Exercise Specialist Graduate)

"The staff at Byan was always helpful to me while I was a student and I wouldn't have made it through their program without their caring and understanding personalities."


-Shannon Archer (BU Medical Assistant Graduate)

"Thank you, the staff at Bryan, for giving me the rewarding experience to enjoy the best quality of learning in a great atmosphere. And, thank you for helping me become a better parent, daughter and sister!"

-Janell Walker (BU Business Administration and Management Graduate)

"The staff at Bryan has helped me get on my way to a whole new future and lifestyle. For once in my life, I have everything I could possibly want: a wonderful family, a house, and a career that I love."


-Selena Barclay (BU Medical Assistant Graduate)