Security and Investigation Diploma

Bryan University’s Security and Investigation Diploma program is designed to provide you with the training background needed for entry-level security and investigation jobs so you can succeed in your criminal justice career.

Some criminal justice jobs require organization and detail, while others require intuition, instinct and patience. Whichever criminal justice job you may choose, Bryan University is here to help you get started on a rewarding career path.

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  • Stoney McCleery, MS, Criminal Justice (Department Chair)
  • Randy Price, MBA, BS, Criminal Justice (Instructor)
“Every single faculty member has been there for me. I am very glad I chose this school.”

– Tabitha Burk, Criminal Justice GraduateJane Doe, Trainer

A Curriculum Built for Success

With Bryan University’s Security and Investigation Diploma program you will have the opportunity to study security, case report writing, and legal ethics, among other subjects. With our program, you get a first-hand glimpse into the workings of the government, crime, and how the two interact with each other.

Our on-campus or online Security and Investigation Diploma program equips you with the knowledge you need for behind-the-scenes investigative work. In this entry-level criminal justice career, you can use knowledge, intuition and insight about the legal system to investigate crime and legislation to help better the community.

Bryan University’s Security and Investigation Diploma provides you with more than just a box to check off of a list.

  • Exposure to important elements of the United States criminal justice system
  • Overview of corrections and legal criminal justice practices
  • Understanding of the security and investigation practices in the United States
  • Knowledge about criminal motivation

This is what you get with our diploma program. And we are here to guide you every step of the way to make sure that you finish what you start and walk into the future that you want.

The Future of Your Criminal Justice Career

If you want to get your criminal justice career started, there is a great outlook for the future of this career path.

Security Officer*

Median Salary: $25,770
Job Growth Outlook: 6%
Visit the ONET website to research other occupations available with additional education.

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A Stepping Stone into the Future

Getting your Security and Investigation Diploma from Bryan University is a stepping stone into your future.

Maybe you want to use your diploma as a foundation for a Criminal Justice Associate’s degree at Bryan University. Or maybe you want to use your diploma to prepare for entry-level criminal justice and investigation jobs.

Each person’s career journey is different, but there’s one thing that remains the same: Bryan University is here to help you every step of the way.

What We Offer

The Security and Investigation Diploma program at Bryan University includes coursework in:

  • Criminal Law
  • Criminal Procedures
  • Criminology
  • Introduction to Corrections
  • Legal Ethics
  • Criminal Justice Administration
  • Case Report writing
  • And more!

A Program for Military Advancement

Your military experience is very valuable, but it’s important to have the educational credentials to support your military experience.

Getting your career training while in the military shows hiring personnel 5 things:

  1. That you’re committed
  2. That you’re disciplined
  3. That you like to learn and grow
  4. That you are not afraid of hard work
  5. That you know how to balance your responsibilities

These are all important qualities that can help you climb the career ladder in the military, and that employers look for in prospective hires. And what better way to prove you have these qualities than by completing your training while in the military?

For more information about the support Bryan University offers our military students and how to transfer credits and use financial aid, visit our military page.

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