Ready to earn your MBA and realize your career aspirations? Wondering how you can possibly fit that into your busy schedule? Bryan University makes it possible to earn your online Master of Business Administration degree in just under one year.
If you have completed a bachelor’s degree program from a regionally or nationally accredited postsecondary institution, our flexible approach offers the advanced degree it takes to create the future you seek.

The online Master of Business Administration program can be completed in about a year, so you can advance in the workforce with a skill set that will make you invaluable to your company. Bryan University’s career-focused training ensures that you will graduate with relevant knowledge and the ability to apply that knowledge in a real business environment. Not only will you be able to make precise decisions under pressure and effectively manage a team of employees, but you can be confident in your ability to advance in your career.

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Master of Business Administration:
The Designation of Success

The online MBA curriculum supports Bryan University’s mission to provide quality education in an environment that enables our team to thrive and our students to realize their potential, creating a positive impact within our communities. Here are the courses you can expect to take and the skills you can expect to gain throughout this program:

Organizational Behavior

Corporate Finance

Managerial Accounting

Global Leadership and Business

Organizational Management

If you want extensive training to prepare you for a leadership role in your business career, the online Master of Business Administration program is right for you!

MBA Career Opportunities

If you know you want to earn your MBA so you can advance your career but aren’t quite sure what some attainable positions are, here’s an example:

General and Operations Managers*

Median Annual Salary: $99,310
Job Growth Outlook: 8%
Visit the ONET website to research other occupations available with additional education.

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As a general or operations manager,
your day-to-day activities can include:

Reviewing financial statements, sales or activity reports, or other performance data to measure productivity
Directing and coordinating departmental activities concerned with the production, pricing, sales or distribution of products
Directing administrative activities directly related to making products or providing services.
Preparing staff work schedules and assigning specific duties
Monitoring suppliers to ensure that they efficiently and effectively provide needed goods or services within budgetary limits
Earn your Master of Business Administration at Bryan, so you can prepare to advance in your career and take on upper-level management positions!

Chart Your Own Career Course

Want an extensive business background focused on principles and techniques of effective administration? Online or at the campus, the MBA program at Bryan University can help you achieve your goals, all in about a year. The program will emphasize your development as a business leader capable of thinking critically, solving problems effectively and making business decisions that can help lead the company you work for to success.

Ready to set yourself apart with respected credentials and an essential background?

The Master’s in Business Administration is offered at the following locations:

Advance Your Career at Bryan University

Do you want to take your career further? Your success higher? Now is a great time for you to start the Master of Business Administration program at Bryan University. In as few as 50 weeks you can add an MBA to your resume and go after your managerial career goals.
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