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Medical Assistant Diploma at Bryan University

If you’ve been searching for a profession with meaning, then your healthcare career is waiting for you! A Medical Assistant Diploma from Bryan University will prepare you with the training you need to succeed in your healthcare career.

These much sought-after medical professionals organize business at healthcare facilities and help with basic patient care. Medical assistants work in diverse environments, from physicians offices and hospitals to chiropractor’s offices and outpatient care clinics – so you can find the workplace that works for you!

Medical Assistant Diploma at Bryan University

Assist your way to a brighter future!

For many doctors, their medical assistant is their backbone.

Without the aid of a medical assistant, many hospitals and medical corporations would suffer. Just like any company or organization, each employee plays a vital role in making sure that the company’s needs are met. In the case of a healthcare career, medical assistants organize documents and data for doctors to make sure they are prepared for patients.

Medical assistants set the tone and set the pace.

Medical assistants are often one of the first people that patients interact with once they step foot in the examination room. They hold the huge responsibility of setting the tone for each patient visit. Medical assistants make sure that patients are calm and prepared for whatever they came in for – whether it be a simple check-up or a full procedure.

Medical assisting requires training and skill to help each patient’s visit run smoothly. They must use care and kindness when interviewing patients; they must be discreet and maintain confidentiality when handling patient records; and they must be organized and prepared to help meet each patient’s needs.

“At Bryan University all the teachers and staff know me by my name and what program I’m taking. I’m more than a number or student. I’m a person like them.”Taleise Conley, Medical Assistant - Graduate

Qualities of a Medical Assistant


Medical assisting is a healthcare career that is all about helping patients and aiding the physicians and doctors who care for them. When working with people in the medical field, you must be compassionate and empathetic about people’s personal situations and circumstances.


No healthcare system can be successful without the help of many different types of employees. Your role as a medical assistant is vital to ensuring that doctors, physicians, nurses, and patients have what they need when they enter and leave the office. Medical assistants should be team players with flexibility and enthusiasm for working as a team.


On a day-to-day basis, the demands within a hospital or clinic may vary. The best medical assistants are those who can adapt to changes, interact with a variety of different people, and identify the best solutions for different problems.


As a medical assistant, you will handle medical records and compile patient records and medical histories for each client. This requires organizational skills.

Jumpstart Your Medical
Assistant Career at Bryan University

Bryan University’s medical assistant training can help you get your start in the healthcare profession so you can begin your fulfilling healthcare career.

The Medical Assistant Diploma Program is designed to provide graduates with skills and knowledge in areas such as office procedures, use of essential healthcare technology, medical legal documentation and electronic medical records. Graduates of the program are prepared for entry-level positions as a medical assistant in a clinic, physician office or urgent care facility.

Our program can be completed in one year | 50 Weeks, 5 Quarters

Here is what you can expect to learn about throughout our program:

  • Introduction to Computer Software Management
  • Introduction to Computer Applications
  • Strategies for Success
  • Medical Terminology
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Pharmacology
  • Medical Law and Ethics
  • Pathophysiology
  • Medical Office Administration

A Career with Balance

Bryan University’s medical assistant certification gives you the opportunity for a career with balance. You’ll get to be in constant contact with people while also keeping up with administrative duties like paperwork and processing.

In your career as a medical assistant, some of your job duties may include:

  • Recording vital statistics or other health information
  • Assessing physical conditions of patients to aid in diagnosis or treatment
  • Interviewing patients to gather medical information
  • Preparing patient treatment areas
  • Cleaning medical equipment


A Career on the Rise

Bryan University’s medical assistant program sets you up for a career with a variety of work environments to choose from, which means you have the opportunity to find the place that best fits your needs. From non-profit organizations, to clinics, to in-house, corporate medical facilities, there is an environment that suits the goals of your healthcare career.

Medical Assistant*

Median salary: Approx. $31,540/year
11% national job growth rate

Visit the ONET website to research other occupations available with additional education.

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Bryan University’s medical assistant training can prepare you for administrative and leadership roles in the healthcare industry by giving you hands-on medical experience. So, if you are looking to advance in your healthcare career, you should consider medical assisting.


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