Medical Billing and Coding Associate Degree

Medical billing and coding is a career path with financial security and a bright future. That is, if you receive the proper job training for it.

At Bryan University, our medical billing and coding associate degree program offers quality, hands-on training if you’re interested in becoming a medical billing and coding professional in the healthcare industry. As a medical billing and coding professional, you will process medical bills and records to ensure that patients are billed properly and that their records are accurate.

People who work with patients all the time are only a small portion of the roles that make up the healthcare industry. To run smoothly, healthcare facilities need behind-the-scenes professionals who handle other things that are vitally important to health provider operations.

That’s where your career as a medical billing and coding professional comes in!

As a medical billing and coding professional, you’ll have the fulfillment of working in an industry that impacts and serves people, while also being able to use your clerical and organizational skills in the process.

Program Highlights
  • The Medical Billing and Coding program prepares students to sit for the Certified Professional Coder (CPC) exam from the American Academy of Professional Coders.
Faculty Spotlight
  • Dr. Jacquelyn Harris, Ed.D, Leadership and Management (Department Chair)
  • Dorothy Cox, MS, Management (Department Chair)
“Throughout the school year I have learned a lot not just in my classes from my instructors but also from everyone who works hard to help me and every other student.”Kristine Ewing, Medical Assistant Graduate

Behind-the-Scenes Work with Real Impact

It is the behind-the-scenes work of medical billers and coders that keep healthcare facilities running smoothly. As a medical billing and coding specialist, you must be organized when handling and coding patient records; you must be detail-oriented when billing client visits to avoid any billing errors; and you must maintain confidentiality, as each patient’s bills and records cannot be shared with others.

Without medical billing and coding professionals, a healthcare facility would be lost.

Without the essential work of medical billers and coders, healthcare facilities would not be able to maintain patient records accurately, and billing would be a mess. Motivated people like you are in demand as the healthcare industry continues to grow and the need for medical billing and coding professionals increases.


Medical billing and coding professionals have the best of both worlds. They work in the healthcare industry and help impact the lives of people, while also using their clerical skills in a business-oriented environment.

As a medical billing and coding specialist, these are some duties your job may include:*

• Reviewing patients’ records for timeliness, completeness, accuracy and appropriateness of data

• Organizing and maintaining data for clinical databases and registries

• Tracking patient outcomes for quality assessment

• Using classification software to assign clinical codes for reimbursement and data analysis

• Electronically recoding data for collection, storage, analysis, retrieval and reporting

• Maintaining confidentiality of patients’ records


Thrive in Your Billing and Coding Career with Bryan University


Our program can be completed in a little over one year!

Bryan University’s medical billing and coding associate degree may be just what you need to advance in the healthcare industry.

Our program will expose you to the Current Procedural Terminology coding system, International Classification of Disease, and Healthcare Common Procedure Coding Systems. It will also provide you with access to the knowledge and skills base of billing and coding, working with insurance companies, and the medical terminology needed for entry-level positions. Students will learn to review patient records and assign numeric codes for each diagnosis and procedure.

Here are some of the courses that you will take as a Bryan medical billing and coding student:

Anatomy & Physiology

Medical Billing and Coding


Medical Insurance & Billing Procedures

Medical Law and Ethics