Healthcare Administration Associate Degree

Do you want the fulfillment of working in the healthcare field while also gaining leadership and administrative skills to make sure medical facilities run properly? If this describes you, then Bryan University’s Associate of Applied Science in Healthcare Administration may be the perfect fit.

The Bryan University healthcare administration program is designed to prepare you for business and administrative jobs in the healthcare industry. As a healthcare administrator, you could be responsible for handling and supervising the day-to-day operations of healthcare facilities. Whether you want to work for a large hospital, clinic, or other health organization, Bryan can help prepare you for your healthcare administration career.

Doctors, nurses, and medical assistants are a big part of making sure medical facilities run smoothly. But we can’t forget about the day-to-day operations that are required for success and patient wellness. Getting your Associate of Applied Science degree in Healthcare Administration positions you to take on a vital role in the healthcare field.

Program Highlights
Faculty Spotlight
  • Dr. Jacquelyn Harris, Ed.D, Leadership and Management (Department Chair)
  • Dorothy Cox, MS, Management (Department Chair)
  • Courtney Jekel, BS, Respiratory Therapy (Instructor)
“At Bryan University all the teachers and staff know me by my name and what program I’m taking. I’m more than a number or student. I’m a person like them.”Taleise Conley, Medical Assistant - Graduate

Qualities of a Healthcare Administrator


Being able to lead by example is a great quality to have in a healthcare administration career.


In the healthcare industry, sometimes problems arise that require quick and strategic thinking. The ability to develop solutions to new problems and help the company, its patients and its employees is important.


Often, healthcare administrators have to make decisions that impact the entire company or organization. Being able to make good decisions is an important role in any healthcare administration career.

Get your Healthcare Administration Associate’s degree from Bryan University!

Bryan University’s training program is designed to deliver the training you need to succeed in your new healthcare administration career. You’ll not only learn about the function and operations of the healthcare industry in America, but you’ll also learn about the day-to-day operations of healthcare facilities, including human resource management, office communication, project management, and handling medical records.

The program has been designed to prepare students to pursue entry-level healthcare administration careers. Get your Healthcare Administration degree in less than a year at Bryan University!

Here are some of the courses that you will take as you earn your Associate of Applied Science in Healthcare Administration from Bryan University:

Organizational Behavior

Human Resource Management

Medical Law & Ethics

Electronic Medical Records Management

Basic Insurance

Strategies for Success

Medical Office Administration

Medical Office Communications

A Career on the Rise

As a healthcare administrator, you could take a variety of routes. You could work in the human resources department at a facility, you could do public and community relations work for a health organization, or you could even handle legal matters. Whichever route you decide to take, there is growing demand for individuals who have decided to pursue a healthcare administration career.

If you are interested in advancing your career to managerial roles in the healthcare industry, then Bryan University’s Associate of Applied Science in Healthcare Administration is a great place to start. At Bryan, you’ll receive first-hand training to prepare you for your health administration career.