Your path to a new career.

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Let’s imagine you are taking business classes in an online college. Maybe you are interested in healthcare administration or a personal training certificate. What kind of skills and job requirements are there? Is that field growing rapidly and will have large numbers of job openings?

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How do you find out?

Check out the two reliable and accurate resources for occupations, working conditions, and market activity. This will show you growth rates and requirements for skills and jobs. You can see all this information and more on O*NET and websites.

O*NET, the Occupational Information Network

O*NET is a unique, comprehensive database of worker competencies, job requirements, resources and more. It provides a common language for defining and describing occupations. O*NET will be the nation’s primary source of occupational information. O*NET is a timely, easy-to-use resource that supports public and private sector efforts to identify and develop the skills of the American workforce.

O*NET Online has detailed descriptions of the world of work for use by job seekers, workforce development and HR professionals, students, researchers, and more!

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

The U.S. Department of Labor is the principal federal agency responsible for measuring labor market activity, working conditions, and price changes in the economy. Its mission is to collect, analyze, and disseminate essential economic information to support public and private decision-making.

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Path to a New Career

By using the tools found in O*NET and BLS you can see the growth of your chosen field at your trade school. You can also see the skills and job requirements you will need in your chosen occupation. Call Bryan University now to look into your options. You will be on the path to a new career!

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