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Why Medical Assistants Are the Most Important People in Allied Health

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Bryan University offers half a dozen program areas, including the School of Allied Health. A career as a medical assistant provides an opportunity to get your foot in the door with a clinic or doctor’s office, perhaps on your way to greater things. 

Bryan University’s Medical Assistant Diploma or Medical Assistant Associate in Applied Science degree can help jumpstart your career. Today’s blog from Bryan University showcases why medical assistants are the most important people in allied health.

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How do medical assistants serve as the first contact for patients?

A medical assistant represents the first face a patient sees when they come in the door of a doctor’s office. The warm, smiling face of the person behind the desk can go a long way to help make patients feel more at ease when they arrive for an appointment. Without this welcoming presence, patients might be more stressed or nervous ahead of an appointment.

How do medical assistants coordinate a medical office with multitasking?

Medical assistants help make the office run more smoothly. The medical assistant is a jack of all trades, knowing a little about a lot. These staffers answer phones, fill out paperwork, organize appointments, keep the filing system in order, and make sure everyone in the waiting room is comfortable. MAs serve as advocates for patients, helping them communicate with nurses, doctors, and specialists.

Certified medical assistants are master multitaskers, all while delivering services with a smile. The office falls apart without this critical coordination of services.  

How do medical assistants serve as a patient information portal?

Patients rely on medical assistants for knowledge about the healthcare process. When a patient asks why they need an endoscopy, a trained medical assistant can try to answer that question in a way the patient can understand while making them feel more at ease. MAs also hand out the right paperwork to patients on the way out. They’ll also collect samples, make sure insurance forms are filled out, organize patient charts, and assist with routine medical procedures.

Medical assistants disseminate and organize vital information that’s crucial to assessing a patient’s health.

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Where can I enroll in a medical assistant program?

These are just a few of the ways medical assistants make a difference in the everyday lives of patients in the healthcare system.

Jumpstart your medical assistant career with a diploma or associate in applied science degree from Bryan University. You can earn your diploma in 50 weeks or your associate in applied science in 70 weeks. Call Bryan University toll-free at 1-855-862-0755 or enroll now to explore the possibilities.

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