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Why Leading by Example Matters in Exercise, Nutrition & Health Promotion Careers

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There’s a very famous saying that encourages us to be the change we want to see reflected in the world. While this has many applications, one of the most commonly overlooked is in health and fitness. Bryan University explains why leading by example for exercise, nutrition & health promotion careers.

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How do I show my passion for a career?

We all have a family member or friend who could stand to make some healthy changes in their lifestyle. Of course, there isn’t exactly a tactful way to say this without making unfavorable implications. However, watching a loved one struggle with addiction to junk food, weight gain, or even feelings of brain fog or low energy is very difficult. 

Even more so when you know that you could help them make the necessary improvements to fix it and improve their quality of life. So, if you can’t tell them how to help themselves, what can you do? 

How do I lead by example for personal training?

The answer is to lead by example. 

It seems futile, but health speaks for itself. When someone with low energy, poor self-image and weight struggles sees someone living a happy life without these things, they’ll begin to wonder what keeps them from living that same happy life. That’s when the advice comes in, once it becomes warranted. Unsolicited advice never helped anyone to lose weight or join a gym. If anything, poorly timed advice can deter someone from health and fitness as a whole because it can seem intimidating and scary. 

How does consistency work for personal training?

How should you effectively lead by example? As cliche as it may sound, consistency really is key. When guiding someone to a healthier lifestyle, you want to show the appeal without creating a false image of what it truly takes. Working out once per week seems ideal for most people, but it will never yield the kind of results most of us want. If you want to lead someone towards their healthiest self, you have to show them what that entails. This means they won’t be disillusioned by the work it takes to be healthy, but they’ll also see the results and the payoff from putting in the work. 

Why do people take notice of my health habits?

The people around you pay closer attention than you think. Whether it’s your coworkers or children, people take notice. Your choice of lunch, your daily habits, and your attitude. All reflections of your overall health. You’re influencing people regardless of whether or not it’s intentional. This is why it’s possible to lead by example and guide your tribe to a healthier life.  Simply by doing what’s best for you and your body, you’re helping those around you do what’s best for them too. 

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How does Bryan University help me with an exercise, nutrition, and health promotion career?

Bryan University can help you jumpstart your exercise, nutrition & health promotion career. Enroll now or contact us today!

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