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What Skills You Need for a Vibrant Medical Billing & Coding Career

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Bryan University offers career-focused courses in six major fields, including allied health. Medical billing and coding represents one vibrant career track for people interested in working in the healthcare industry. In today’s blog from Bryan University, we discuss the skills you need for a successful medical billing and coding career.

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Attention to Detail

Medical billers and coders must pay attention to details at all times. Small, careless errors can lead to large mistakes with a patient’s care or finances. You’ll also need to maintain patient privacy. Training and certification in medical billing and coding teach you how to notice every detail to eliminate crucial mistakes.

Keeping Up With Technological Advances

As with most things in our modern society, technology evolves and changes over time. The same is true with medical billing and coding. You’ll need to become proficient with document and billing software, Microsoft Office, security and privacy software, and ICD-10 standards. 

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Time Management & Organization

Medical billing and coding requires excellent time management and organizational skills. You have to juggle multiple patient records, healthcare providers, and health insurance companies. On top of that, you must know how to use your technological tools proficiently. With so many moving parts, you need to develop a system that works best to keep track of your daily tasks. Project management software might be a great option.

Communication & Customer Service

Medical billing and coding professionals need to speak two languages: health and finance. You bridge the gap between accounting and medicine as a liaison between a healthcare provider and health insurance companies. Both sides of the spectrum want to deliver the best and most efficient care for patients. Throughout your career, you’ll need to speak to doctors, nurses, insurance adjusters, and possibly patients. You must learn to speak compassionately, accurately, and diplomatically.

Specialized Terminology

Medicine and insurance use different terminology. Part of your education and certification as a medical billing and coding specialist will cover terminology used in both fields. At Bryan University, your education will cover four main aspects of medical billing and coding such as medical terminology, classification of diseases, insurance fundamentals, and financial vocabulary.

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Medical Billing and Coding at Bryan University

Bryan University’s medical billing and coding program prepares you for a vibrant career, and you’ll be ready to take the Certified Professional Coder (CPC) exam from the American Academy of Professional Coders. Call Bryan University toll-free at 1-855-862-0755 or enroll now to find out more about this field!

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