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Tools You Need for Daily Duties as a Medical Assistant

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Are you interested in one of the most important jobs in a doctor’s office or clinic? Medical assistants keep the office running smoothly while helping patients feel at ease during their visit. Bryan University talks about the tools you need to perform daily duties as a medical assistant.

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Your Sharp and Talented Mind

The best tool in your arsenal is a sharp and talented mind to go along with a cheerful attitude. Patients often see a medical assistant first when they come in the door. You can easily calm a nervous situation with a warm smile, a winning attitude, and a reassuring pat on the shoulder.

You’ll also need your skills to communicate effectively with other staff in the office, including nurses and doctors.


Your computer is where you organize everything, including appointments, emails, and patient paperwork. Typing skills, knowing how to navigate various computer programs, and troubleshooting problems are vital skills you’ll need to work at your desk as a medical assistant. As telehealth becomes more prominent in the medical field, you may need to know how to use videoconferencing software and equipment.


Medical assistants, rather than nurses, are the first line of customer service when answering the phone at a medical office or clinic. You’ll use the phone when communicating about appointments, discussing patient information, or relaying calls to other staffers.

Pens, Forms, and Clipboards

New patients need to fill out forms when they first come in the door. Have these tools organized and ready so you know right where they are as soon as someone comes in. Hand them the form they need on a clipboard with an attached pen. Make sure you sanitize them before handing them to another patient. 

Thermometers, Hand Sanitizer, and Face Coverings

The COVID-19 pandemic taught the world that sanitary conditions are necessary for public health. Many healthcare providers take people’s temperature as they step into the facility, ask people to sanitize their hands, and they might wear masks when they come in. Organize these tools when you first start your shift, and keep an eye on the supplies of sanitizer and masks from time to time as you work through patient after patient.

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Medical Assistant Classes at Bryan University

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