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Tools Every Medical Billing & Coding Specialist Must Have

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Medical billing and coding specialists have a unique place in allied health. They meld medical, financial, and insurance fields to make sure patients are billed properly for the services related to their care. In today’s blog from Bryan University, we look at the tools every medical billing and coding specialist must have to perform their regular tasks.

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The most prominent tool you’ll need as a medical billing and coding specialist is the ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases, 10th Edition). The ICD-10 receives updates every year. 

Secure Computer

Because you work with private information, you must have a secure computer connection. Consider getting antivirus protection to scan for any viruses or corrupt files on your computer that could compromise your computer’s security. Make sure you don’t open any suspicious emails or go to sites flagged as unsecure or dangerous to your computer. 

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Medical Billing and Coding Software

As with many aspects of allied health, software helps make your job easier. Medical billing and coding software compiles information from a healthcare provider, patient, and health insurance company. Sometimes, the health insurance company provides software for you to use. Other times, a healthcare provider has software to use. Or you could use a computer program of your choice. Make sure the chosen software has a secure API, so that all of the variant programs talk to each other seamlessly. Make sure your software keeps track of claims status.

Claim Forms

You can’t input billing information properly without claim forms. Whether you see a PDF of the form or have an electronic format, claim forms must be filled out accurately. Then you have to determine if the form is correct before inputting the information. This is where problem-solving comes into play as a medical billing and coding specialist because you know what to look for on each claim form in case there are any problems.


Financial officers and billing managers love reports. You’ll need to compile reports on claims, payments, adjustments, and aging reports over time. Reports allow health insurance companies and healthcare providers to make financial decisions.

An Outstanding Clearinghouse Software 

Clearinghouse software for medical billing and coding keeps track of every claim you oversee. Why do you need a clearinghouse? Clearinghouses track every possible health insurance company you work with. Each insurance company has a proprietary program and system, and a clearinghouse manages these things.

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