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Tips for Landing a Job as a Medical Billing & Coding Specialist

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If you’re preparing to graduate, you may be wondering how to land the perfect job as a  Medical Billing and Coding Specialist. Like any job hunt, it begins with a resume and support from your college or university. 

Today’s blog from Bryan University explains some tips for landing a job as a medical billing and coding specialist.

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School Support

Many schools offer Career Specialists or career support services. At Bryan University, we provide Career Services that will help you find a job after graduation. 

Of the many tools available to you, they could include: 

  • Job openings for students and graduates
  • Career development workshops 
  • Resume updating 
  • Job referrals
  • Guidance for writing effective resumes and cover letters
  • Learning interviewing skills


Writing an effective resume is more than just noting your studies and internships. Many human resources professionals use technology to pull resumes that use keywords that align with job descriptions. If your resume is not optimized using keywords, terms, and phrases, you run the risk of not being chosen for interviews due to automated vetting processes that many employers use. We recommend working with a resume professional who can help you create a robust resume that many HR departments will pick. 

Industry-Specific Job Aggregator

If you haven’t used them already, sites like Monster, Indeed, and LinkedInJobs are job aggregators, meaning they pull open positions from across the nation based upon key search criteria. These are great tools because they will update continuously, and you can set them to alert you of new positions as they become available. 

Industry Groups & Networking 

Before graduating, you may be introduced to medical billing and coding professional networking groups. You can find these inside social platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn, or even through independent websites. 

These groups are great for the following: 

  • Creating a network of professionals for advice and guidance
  • Sharing job openings 
  • Introductions to employers and connections

If you are unsure where to start, ask our career services staff for assistance! 

Medical Billing and Coding at Bryan University

Bryan University’s medical billing and coding program prepares you for a vibrant career, giving you the practical knowledge you need for success. Our career services team can help you get ready to land your first job. Call Bryan University toll-free at 1-855-862-0755 or enroll now to find out more information!

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