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The Benefits of an Online Medical Assistant Program

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Now is a great time to enter the healthcare industry. Health care systems continue to expand to meet the needs of an aging Baby Boomer population, and there are looming labor shortages.  Today’s blog from Bryan University explains the benefits of an online medical assistant program as you look to advance your medical career.

What career-focused courses can I take for a medical assistant program?

An online Medical Assistant program focuses solely on the classes and knowledge you need for this type of career. You don’t have to worry about taking general education classes you won’t need. You become familiar with medical terminology, human anatomy, filing accurate paperwork, and taking someone’s vital signs. 

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Can an online medical assistant program help me to learn at my own pace?

Have a busy life already? Bryan University’s online medical assistant program allows you to learn at your own pace over seven quarters and 70 weeks. In slightly less than two years, you’ll have the tools you need to work in a medical clinic, doctor’s office, nursing home, or hospital.

Can online classes work around my own schedule?

Bryan University’s online Medical Assistant program works around your work schedule. You don’t have to sit in a classroom for hours a week at a set time. You can work 8 to 5 and then immerse yourself in classes at night or on weekends.    

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What practical knowledge can I gain by taking medical assistant classes?

One of the advanced medical assistant classes at Bryan University is an externship. This is where you put your classroom knowledge to the test in a practical setting at an actual medical office. Not only do you earn money in your chosen career, but you receive college credit for it. Then you graduate with an associate’s degree after you complete your Externship. At this point, you’re well on your way to a rewarding career in medicine.

Online Medical Assistant Program at Bryan University

The online medical assistant program at Bryan University prepares you to work in any medical setting, from a small doctor’s office to a large hospital. Earn more after you graduate, and feed your interest in an entry-level career in medicine. Apply online at Bryan University today to elevate your career!

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  1. I’m a practicing Chiropractor with an in house medispa. I have a medical doctor doing Injections. My goal is also to do injections. I believe with a medical assistant degree I will be able. Is it true that medical assistant can give injections?

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