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Salon Management: Tips for Transferring Credits From Cosmetology School

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Bryan University offers an associate degree in Business Administration Management with an emphasis in salon management. This degree combines your love of cosmetology with excellent business and organizational skills. You receive the educational tools you need to help run your own salon, either as a business owner or a franchisee. In today’s blog from Bryan University, we showcase some tips for transferring credits from cosmetology school ahead of entering our salon Management program.

Number of Hours

Students can transfer a maximum of 40.5 quarter credit hours from an accredited cosmetology school. These credits go towards the vocation core of the degree. The overall idea is that you don’t have to take basic courses in salon management since you already have credits or experience in this field.

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Practical Hours for License

You must also show you have your state license for cosmetology before you enter our Salon Management program. The details vary by state, but there are usually two main requirements. 

The first license requirement for a cosmetology license is your practical hours or an apprenticeship. You need to complete a minimum number of practice hours in an actual cosmetology setting, such as a workplace or a hands-on class. You may also be an apprentice to a licensed cosmetologist. In cosmetology, 1,500 hours of practical classroom experience comes to 50 credit hours. Of those 50 hours, you get to transfer a maximum of 40.5 hours into Bryan University’s Salon Management degree program.

Examination for License

The second requirement for a cosmetology license comes from taking your state examination. The state exam has a written section and a practical section. You must demonstrate competency in the practices of hair cutting and cosmetology for your exam. Your cosmetology license shows you have a great set of skills entering the Salon Management program!

License Renewal

States may require you to renew your license after a few years. Make sure to keep your license up-to-date. Bryan University won’t accept expired cosmetology licenses ahead of applying to our Salon Management program. 

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Send Us Your Transcripts

The Salon Management program needs your official transcript from cosmetology school. That way, Bryan University can give you the credit you deserve. You also don’t have to start your program at its earliest point. Our program values your experience in the field. 

Bryan University and Salon Management

Are you ready to elevate your cosmetology career? Enroll in the Salon Management program at Bryan University. We give you the tools for success when you’re ready to run your own establishment or manage a salon. Apply online at Bryan University today to jumpstart your career!

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