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Support Courses – 13.5 credits required
CA100 Introduction to Computer Software Management – 4.5 Credit Hours
The student is introduced to the history of computers, operating systems and a basic understanding of modern software and the impact on the business environment. This course will allow students to become acquainted with the computer, integrated software, and vital Internet and online communications techniques through hands-on training. Emphasis is placed on computer hardware, current operating systems software, and development of keyboarding skills. The student is also introduced to email communications
CA110 Introduction to Computer Applications – 4.5 Credit Hours
This course provides the student with a basic understanding of modern software and the impact on the business environment. The course is designed to introduce the history of computers and information systems in an uncomplicated way to reach students with a wide range of backgrounds, interests, and skills. The course will allow students to become acquainted with the computer and integrated software through hand-on training.
CA120 Strategies for Success – 4.5 Credit Hours
The student will develop skills related to goal setting, personal accountability, positive attitudes and beliefs, enhanced expectations, self-efficacy building, teamwork, planning, improved performance, higher quality of life and overall personal development.

Core Courses – 18 credits required

BA100 Business Communications – 4.5 Credit Hours
This course presents methods in both written and oral communications as they relate to business. The course emphasizes writing and revising effective business correspondence, speaking effectively, and developing useful organizational skills for written and oral business presentations.
BA106 Business Accounting Functions – 4.5 Credit Hours
This course provides experience in establishing and using computer-based accounting systems for small business operations.
BA195 Sales and Marketing – 4.5 Credit Hours
This course introduces modern business marketing concepts and strategies and familiarizes the student with standards, procedures, and techniques used in marketing. Topics include marketing research, consumer behavior, product and pricing strategies, marketing communications and distribution.
BA230 Human Resource Management – 4.5 Credit Hours
The recruitment and selection of employees, labor relations, training programs, service records, efficiency ratings, compensation and employee development programs, labor turnover, and employee morale are all covered in this course. The course will examine personnel practices of several companies that have developed outstanding personnel programs.

General Education Courses – 22.5 credits required
GEN101 Introduction to Algebra – 4.5 Credit Hours
This course is the study of real numbers and variables. Topics studied include operations involving real numbers and algebraic expressions, solving linear equations and inequalities, graphs of linear equations and inequalities, simplifying rational expressions and exponents, factoring and radicals.
GEN120 Composition I – 4.5 Credit Hours
This is the basic writing course designed to improve writing skills. The student writes essays in which organization, proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling usage are stressed. The student will also write a research paper with appropriate format and documentation.
GEN140 Composition II – 4.5 Credit Hours
This course focuses on honing and expanding college writing skills through its focus on writing analysis and the preparation of
essays. Prerequisite: GEN120 – Composition I.
GEN230 Introduction To American Politics – 4.5 Credit Hours
In this course a student will study the institutions and constitutional framework of the United States Government and survey the structure and development of city and state government systems. The course is developed to teach values, rights, and responsibilities that shape the public decision making of an active and informed citizen, and influence contemporary public affairs in a democratic society.
GEN240 Psychology – 4.5 Credit Hours
This general psychology course is intended to provide the student with a basic understanding of psychology, its relationships to the life sciences and how behaviors affect people’s everyday lives. Emphasis is placed on developmental psychology and the problems that people face in regards to relationships and the mental and physical dilemmas they may pose. Topics such as stress, altered states of consciousness, aging, conflicts and types of therapies will be presented.

Up to 40.5 Quarter Elective Credit Hours may be transferred into program from the following courses:
BA101 Keyboarding – 4.5 Credit Hours
This course provides a contemporary learning environment for today’s high-tech office. The course emphasizes learning correct key strokes techniques, and then practicing to develop proficient typing skills.
BA105 Business Accounting Concepts – 4.5 Credit Hours
This course places students in the role of a sole proprietorship and small corporate business accountant. Students will learn fundamental accounting concepts and principles, develop and interpret financial statements, and perform some financial analysis and comparisons.
BA110 Principles of Business – 4.5 Credit Hours
The course is an introduction to the fundamental concepts and principles of business enterprise and economics. An overview to the functions of a business organization will include an evaluation of the social and economic environment in which the business operates, followed by a look at management, finance, accounting, production, marketing, insurance, law, and global business awareness.
BA125 Organizational Behavior – 4.5 Credit Hours
This course presents a broad overview of the principles and fundamental aspects of Organizational Behavior. The course emphasizes the topics of basic human processes, individual behavior in the organization, group and team dynamics, and organizational culture.
BA140 Business Law – 4.5 Credit Hours
The course combines the understanding of legal theory with, and an acquaintance of, the various forms of contracts. Students are taught the essentials of the legal environment of business, tort law, contracts, commercial transactions, government regulations and property.
BA175 Business Applications – 4.5 Credit Hours
Students will prepare documents and complete tasks similar to those required in a technologically advanced business environment. The course emphasizes oral and written business communication through the use of word processing and spreadsheet programs common in today’s business world. Students will develop the necessary math skills required to systematically solve business-related problems.
BA220 Leadership – 4.5 Credit Hours
This course introduces basic leadership concepts within framework of leader behaviors, defines leadership in terms of behaviors perceived by followers and through real-life examples, and engages in analysis of cases representing classic leadership problems and opportunities. The course focuses on the art of leadership and exposes the student to tools and techniques to assist in the development of leadership skills necessary in all facets of life.
BA226 Project Management – 4.5 Credit Hours
This course focuses on the essentials of effective project management and the activities required to achieve project success. Three phases of the project management will be studied: 1.) the identification of the need for project management, 2.) the development of the proposed solution, and 3.) the implementation of the solution.

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