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Have you ever wondered how students complete their online programs? Online Student Resources provide a suite of tools that give online students the ability to complete their online degree programs. Here at BU, we have developed the tools our students need to succeed. Check out what is available to students here at Bryan University.


The Dashboard

This brief video provides an overview of our instructional related program materials, our learning management system, our eBook resources, our McGraw Hill laboratories, ProQuest online library, and career services. Bryan University Students access the learning management system by going to then to the student portal. This allows them to access their classes. Using their username and password, they can access their dashboard. The dashboard allows them to see their current classes as well as any announcements that are upcoming for their class. They have access to the BU forms as well as the library resource center.

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Library Resource Center

The library resource center provides direct links to Google, the online writing lab, APA style formatting as well as links if they should they need additional help with their classes. ProQuest is Bryan University’s online research database, consisting of over 5000 peer-reviewed periodicals and articles. ProQuest allows you to do basic search as well as advanced search on any particular subject matter. Simply type in the research that you are looking for, and then you can scroll on down and you will see it gives you specifics as to how you want to search. You can choose to search by book, magazine, journal, or other options. ProQuest allows you to search by relevance as well as date. It gives you the easiest tools you need to search for the information you are looking for. Check out Bryan University’s Library Resource Center!

The Dashboard

From their dashboard, students can look at their instructor’s contact information as well as their office hours. Students can also look at the content covered during that particular week. The syllabus is also available for students to view. It gives them a breakdown of the course description as well as assignment summaries. The syllabus contains a weekly to-do list of what is going to be due for that particular week. The dashboard provides students with access to their grades, email, library resources, as well as eBooks.

Vital Source and eBooks

Students can view their books through the website or, a preferred method is to download the vital source bookshelf, which they can download on their desktop, laptop, or even a mobile device. Students have the ability to download their books for offline reading, which allows them to complete the assigned chapter reading as required. When students select their book, they can see a brief view of the highlights for that particular book. Once they pull up the text, they have the ability to have the text read to them. There is also a zoom feature that enhances the font to allow for easier reading. Students have the option to export their highlights, which provide wonderful study guides helping them to prepare for quizzes and exams.
Additional features from Vital Source are the ability to search for key terms within the chapters as well as the entire book. This feature provides retention for key concepts and terms throughout the course. Students have the ability to use highlights to help them study for their exams and quizzes. Some of them are built in, but students can also create additional new highlights as well as subscribing to people who have highlights for their course.

McGraw Hill Connect

Students also have the ability to use McGraw Hill connect, which allows them to learn at their own pace. One of the benefits of McGraw Hill connect is that students can quiz themselves to see where their learning knowledge base is. This allows students to receive immediate feedback, which re-enforces the learning objectives. McGraw Hill labs provide comprehensive and realistic approaches to learning. As you can see in the video, they show the layers of the skin and the muscle tones within the body. This is a wonderful tool in helping students understand the concepts of the course.

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Live Classrooms

Students have the ability to attend instructors live classrooms, which happen weekly. This allows students to ask questions directly so they understand the concepts for the course. Another form of student engagement is the weekly announcements. Announcements from your instructor can cover a wide variety of topics and in this particular example; our algebra instructor is actually covering a particular math problem that is in their weekly assignment. Having the availability to view videos such as this at any time allows students to have the optimal learning experience.


Each week the students are able to participate in discussions. This allows them to interact with their peers as well as the instructor. As you can see in the example here, there is a thread of discussion. Students receive qualitative feedback from their instructors. Instructors can highlight a portion of their answer, provide feedback on that one individual answer, or provide feedback on the overall submission for their course assignments. Students also have the ability to download the mobile app, which allows them to access their courses. They can submit quizzes, assignments as well as discussions to their instructors and their peers through the app. Students can interact with their instructors through the BU connect messaging system. This secure network allows them to have a thread like an email conversation about their courses.

Career Services

Students have access to the career services optimal resume, which can help them build resumes, letters, as well as interview videos. This is a great way to build their portfolio. These are just some of the resource tools that are available to our students at Bryan University. Learn more about Bryan University’s career services!

Bryan University provides a wide variety of online student resources to help our students grow and complete their degree programs. From an online research library, interactive labs and tutorials, convenient eBook integration, to career and resume services, Bryan University has a suite of tools designed to help students succeed. Are you interested in learning more about one of our Programs? Reach out to one of our admissions representatives to schedule a call or appointment!


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