Are Management Jobs for You? The Business Administration Career Path

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Business degrees can open doors to a wide range of industries. Graduates can find both administrative support and management jobs in finance, education, sales, health care or government institutions, among a number of other industries.

Because of the ability to apply the degree to so many fields, there is an endless list of job titles that can match the skills of the degree, including a store manager and a school superintendent. This can allow you to find a job in a specific industry you are interested in.

Here are reasons you should pursue a career in business administration and make management jobs a part of your future.

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Extensive Career Options

With business being an ever-growing field, there are numerous positions that are likely to expand in the future. Some business administration management jobs with bright outlooks include:1

– Administrative Services Manager: The Administrative Services Manager coordinates supportive services and sets goals for an organization or department. They also buy and distribute supplies for the agency and analyze procedures of the organization to ensure efficiency.

– General and Operations Manager: The General Operations Manager handles the daily operation of a company or organization. This often includes reviewing financial reports, budget goals, performance data and policy handlings. They also oversee work schedules and employee duties, as well as an array of other general functions.

– Storage and Distribution Manager:4 The Storage and Distribution Manager prepares and manages departmental budgets. They also supervise workers involved in storage and distribution and implement warehouse safety plans, which includes preparation of reports, maintenance and safety manuals.

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Industry Growth

Many students starting out in college fear choosing a degree that is becoming obsolete or has limited prospects after graduation. This is not a common point of stress for those seeking support roles or management jobs in business. According to, some of the fastest expanding business sectors in recent years have been “health care and medical, service, financial, construction and transportation.”2 All these industries require skilled administrators for the various operations and needs of different departments. also states, “In the United States, nearly 13 million people are employed as business managers and administrators for a variety of businesses.”2 This number will only continue to grow.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics calculates that employment in business operations will increase a total of 8 percent between 2014 and 2024.3 This equates to over 632,000 jobs being added to the industry.1 In 2016 alone, franchises were projected to grow over 3% to employ over 9 million people.2

With a range of courses focused on teaching you applicable skills, Bryan’s four business programs can prepare you for the expanding business sector and help you land business management jobs.

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Impressive Incomes

A business degree can have a giant dollar sign on it. Well, not just a sign—a paycheck.

Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce found that “students who graduate with STEM or business degrees earn an average $3.4 million more in lifetime wages than those in the fields of childhood education, social work and art.”4

If that’s not enough to start considering pursuing management jobs and getting your business degree then I don’t know what is!

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