Are Distance Education and Online Classes Right for You?

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Education and schools are changing rapidly, and one of the ways they are changing is by offering degrees in business, bachelor degrees in healthcare, master’s in business, as well as numerous associate degrees and certifications all online. It’s called distance education. For those not sure what that is, let’s define it. Simply put, distance Eeucation is when a college or university offers courses delivered through an online format via online classes.

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Distance education has become increasingly common at the post secondary level. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, in fall 2013, about 4.6 million undergraduate students participated in distance education, with 2.0 million students (11 percent of total undergraduate enrollment) exclusively taking distance education courses. Of the 2.0 million undergraduate students who exclusively took distance education courses, 1.1 million students (6 percent of total undergraduate enrollment) were enrolled in programs located in the same state in which they resided, and 0.8 million (4 percent of total undergraduate enrollment) were enrolled in a different state.

So, what are the benefits of Distance Education? Is it right for me?

Before you jump in headfirst into an online degree in medical billing and coding, make sure you test the waters. After all, no one dives into a pool without knowing how deep it is. The same goes for your education. Stop and ask yourself these questions to help determine if online learning is right for you:
• How far do I live from the school or training center?
o Avoid the traffic, save gas and money

• Do I waste a lot of time commuting to and from classes?
o The time you spend driving to and from the campus can add up to hours lost in the day

• Flexibility to study in any convenient location with an Internet connection
o Log in to your classes anywhere with Wi-Fi access

• Does your work schedule have irregular hours leaving you wanting a more flexible class schedule?
o Fit your classes around your work schedule

• Do family responsibilities keep you too busy for regular classes? (e.g., parents with young children at home)
o You don’t have to sacrifice family time to go back to school

So what is my next step, where do I go from here?

First take a look at your online college options; business management, healthcare administration, information technology certifications, criminal justice or programs like personal training and exercise can be completed online. The online options for certifications, diplomas, degrees and MBA’s are expanding every year. The next step is finding online classes that fit your goals. Click here for more information on how Bryan University’s online programs can help you reach your goals.  Bryan University has been engaged in distance education since before there were smartphones or tablets and has added technology and learning resources that enrich the student learning experience.

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