Industry Insights with Upscale Glam Room Owner and Summit Salon Academy KC Education Director Carl Glorioso

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Scott: What is it like to own the Glam Room and Summit Salon Academy KC?

Carl: So owning the Glam Room and Summit Salon Academy KC is awesome. It’s been a dream of mine to elevate the industry but what’s so profound about it is that in our salon company we have a training program anyways that when we go to other schools or academies to pull students around they have to go through and learn the way of the Glam Room. They learn what our expertise is and our expectation in guest experience as well as professional products. Now we get to teach the students that right in school so when they graduate from our Academy they already hit the ground running, knowing the things that they would learn only in salon so paring the two together creates the perfect storm and we’re really happy to be able to deliver that in Kansas City.

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